LPL enlarger instruction manuals and user guides available from KHB Photografix. LPLT. LPL Triple Condenser Enlarger Manual. LPLD. Please read this manual carefully so you may familiarize yourself with the correct Note: All LPL series negative carriers can be used with this enlarger. Lpl C Enlarger Manual Nikor Saunders LPL 35mm Full Frame Negative Carrier for 67D Enlarger LPL, Saunders LPL C Pro Enlarger.

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For negative formats up to 6x7cm. Close the carrier and insert it in the enlarger. The numbers are just equivalent to grades.

User Manual |

Incorrect reassembly can cause electric shock hazards. Few brands now make graded paper, multigrade papers are common and the quality is very good. Do not use this product near combustable materials such as solvents or flammable sprays.

Metal reversible, rotating 39mm threaded lensboard included.

Grade 0 was a lower contrast paper for use with high contrast negatives. Setting the Easel sold separately. I have the same enlarger.

User Manual

I have 2 and they both do it sometimes. The module manaul drops into position. Yes, my password is: Bonjour, Bizarre that you don’t receiving answer Grade 5 was a high contrast paper for use with low contrast negatives.

Although not part of your question, but because the enlarger is new to you, I would suggest that if it is not equipped mmanual the optional fine focus knob you might look into geting one.


Jobo LPL 7700 Contrast Settings?

Screw the enlarging lamp 15 into the socket, replace the the socket into the lamphouse, and tighten the socket securing screws. Read and understand all instructions provided with this product. A enlarger are just a lighting box!

Have it checked by a qualified service person before using. The Copy Camera Attachment converts the enlarger chassis into a sturdy pll stand. We’ve just got one of these enlargers, and from our short testing they seem to be quite good for Black and white – not had a chance to try colour yet.

And the Condenser is the choice of those who prefer the extra “snap” of a condenser enlarger. Your name or email address: The outside scales indicate the distance from the bottom of the carriage to the baseboard in inches left and centimeters right.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. By continuing to use this site, nanual are consenting to our use of cookies. Making the Exposure Check that the lens is set to the desired f-stop and the timer to the desired exposure time. Disconnect the power cord and allow the parts to cool before replacing the lamp.

To prevent the enlarger from becoming overbalanced and llpl over, secure the baseboard to the supporting table with clamps, or place a suitably heavy counterweight mabual the baseboard. I determine exposure time on a test strip at 2. You have one of the easiest contrast adjustment systems there is, VCCE is really easy to use.


XL column for 16″x20″ prints on the baseboard. Meopta axomat, ppl Download Report. I get good results that way with little need to dodge and burn. To install the enlarging lamp, undo the lamp socket securing screws 13 and withdraw the lamp socket 14 from the lamphousing.

I was under I think you may be right on the need forcleaning manjal it is an old ex-college enlarger. Save Cancel Drag to set position! You must log in or sign up to reply here. Hi Toyo, I managed to find mine, new, on ebay, but this was about years ago.

Published on May View Download 4. I use the left one. Determining f-stop and Exposure Time The appropriate combination of lens aperture setting and exposure time to achieve proper exposure can be determined by making a series of test prints or test strips, or by means of an exposure calculator or darkroom exposure meter.

Fully counterbalanced twist-to-lock elevation control. For precise focus, the use of a focus scope or magnifier is recommended. Route the power supply cord away from hot areas.

The LPL series provides full-featured, professional quality enlargers that handle film formats up to 6x7cm.