Low-Fat Love has 44 ratings and 9 reviews. Ebony said: I sincerely love the idea of social fiction, and I actually started to like Prilly who was a hot m. Patricia Leavy .. Low-Fat Love unfolds over three seasons as Prilly Greene and Janice Low-Fat Love suggests women seek new ways to see that are. An Interview with Renowned Feminist Author Patricia Leavy about Low-Fat Love. Patricia Leavy, Ph.D. is an independent scholar and novelist.

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I wanted to see how the characters’ lives untangled. The discussion about the novel was one of my best class discussions to date.

Popular culture and media are woven throughout, which anchors the novel in some ways to a particular moment in time now 10 years after initial release, some of those examples date the book a bit, although not in a negative waybut also give a clear sense of the complicated and sometimes conflicting or even crushing messages women absorb from television, magazines, and other sources. Our ideas about beauty, appearance, romance, love, and so forth, those ideas are shaped in a context not just patriica our own heads.

With little scaffolding, the tale weaves in so many lwavy elements that blind us to the destructive nature of capitalism and consumerism on our choices without ever becoming preachy or sounding like a Sociology essay. I wanted to see how the characters’ lives untangled. Is the new edition a gift to fans?

Review of Low-Fat Love

Self Acceptance Top 50 Blogger In relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves, there is leavg substitute for the real thing.

Return to Book Page. While at first she thinks she is finally experiencing the big life she always sought, his unconventional, free-spirited views on relationships unsettle her, causing her to doubt herself and ultimately to start to unravel over the course of their relationship. Her book Method Meets Art: If you adopt this book the author is also available to Skype into your class for a book talk upon mutually convenient scheduling.

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Lists with This Book. What it means to me has changed over time and perhaps will continue to change. Arts-Based Research Practice second edition can be lvoe here with free shipping and an automatic discount: Also, I have gained so much strength from friendships with strong women; friends who truly want the best for me and I for them.

So at book signings, after talks at lpve, in university hallways and in non-professional settings all over the place, women who had read the book wanted to share with me. She puts up a hard outside shell to prove to the world that she is strong and can handle the cut-throat world of work.

Twitter did not respond. I couldn’t put this down. Loww just smart chick lit, and nicely written, and extra interesting because I know Leavy’s other, scholarly work better. Meanwhile, Janice, a loce, feminist in-name-only editor, overburdens and undermines Prilly.

When that is strong, your other choices will become vast and clear. I sincerely love the idea of social fiction, and I actually started to like Prilly who was a hot mess, but I think that was the point. She falls for Pete Rice, a non-committal artist who exacerbates leagy insecurities.

Low-Fat Love reads like very sharp chick lit, but it is also reminiscent Tama Janowitz’s “Slaves of New York” which is great fxt everyone should also read.

It was highly recommended by the reviewers. Assigning a novel based on social science research was new to me, but it was well worth it.

Author Patricia Leavy talks Low-Fat Love | We Are the Real Deal

In the end, Prilly and Janice are pushed to look honestly at themselves and the central male figures in their lives. These arrangements often leave women, and sometimes men, unsatisfied. While sometimes they were unconfident in their abilities to understand the other nonfiction, traditional sociological books, they knew they understood the material from Low Fat Love and they wanted to talk about it. For instance, the main character Prilly is repeatedly engaged in consuming media targeted at women, such as tabloid TV, home shopping, Lifetime movies, plays, books, and even music videos.


Indeed, I admit, that if I had seen this novel on Amazon I would have rolled my eyes and kept on surfing to the vampire literature section. In this respect Low-Fat Love offers a commentary fxt popular culture and the social construction of femininity. Artists are charged with reflecting what others are feeling and experiencing. While they knew exactly what that big life would look like, they had no conception of how to get there and LFL helped them reflect on why that was the case.

My students also hoped for more for Janice: You are commenting leaavy your WordPress.

I wanted to show how that context can impact some people. I had to walk through the fear which was sort of perfect, because the whole book is about walking through personal fears and pattricia our voices. Low-Fat Love by Patricia Leavy is so much more than ppatricia feminine packaging to become the perfect representation of contemporary literature at its most valuable transcending genre and amazingly though intentionally drawing in a typically disengaged mixed college audience.

I hated Janice’s and Prilly’s characters. So this idea of low-fat love as settling in life and love is really the guiding concept in the book.

Open Preview See a Problem? Books by Patricia Leavy.

But my fears quickly went away. It’s a book well suited to a media studies, gender studies, or popular culture class at the college level, but it’s also just such a fun read that manages to leave the reader with a lot to chew on.

Review of Low-Fat Love | Patricia Leavy

Refresh and try again. Find and nurture your fire. So I was motivated to write a novel with characters who need to fqt their own issues in order to get un-stuck.