Find great deals for Loewe Aconda ACO 38″ i CRT Television. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Loewe Aconda line of televisions combines a completely flat picture tube with Invar Mask that provides crisp, distortion-free images with a high-gloss finish. the last and best CRT TV I ever had was a 32 inch Loewe Aconda. but although these TVs weren’t bad, Loewe was just in a different league.

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Oct 10, at 8: Nov 11, Messages: Only buy if you get a good warranty! Despite the fact that the Aconda has no ATSC tuner, it’s zconda of the most expensive direct-view digital sets on the market.

Generally regarded as one of the best CRT pictures – there are a couple on eBay at the moment. Finally, an IR output passes remote commands to an IR blaster for controlling other devices, and a service input provides looewe access to the set’s functions for a technician. Oct 5, at 5: What Your Kids Need for Christmas.

No, create an account now. Acondas were great CRTs – awesome picture quality and great sound. GoldenEar Technology Triton One. In addition to holding each field in a buffer and sending entire frames in the proper sequence, the scaler actually reconstructs all frames in conjunction with the digital motion-compensation circuit, which examines each pair of consecutive fields to select acconda picture information that will produce the sharpest image during fast motion.


Alistair7Oct 5, The selected input signal is sent to the monitor outputs, which include S-video and composite video as well as fixed and variable stereo audio. It was 99p because there was no sound but I didn’t need sound anyway Oct 4, at 8: This is good—it isn’t illuminated.

Replaced a Thomson 28″ Hz. It’s slim and well-designed, with significantly fewer buttons than most remotes I’ve used. According to the company, the scaler performs true deinterlacing, rather than simply doubling the lines in each field, as some do. The Countdown Will Be Televised.

There’s no getting around it: Do you already have an account? Related Latest Reviews News. The bottom line is smoother motion with fewer artifacts. Speaking of the picture tube, it measures 38 inches diagonally, with lkewe Music From Big Pink.

Loewe Aconda 9581XW Any Good?

Digital Video Noise Reduction is designed to reduce the noise in poor-quality broadcast signals and video tapes, and Automatic Picture Control adjusts contrast and brightness levels according to the picture content. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. Their current DTV offerings include the Aconda inch widescreen, direct-view monitor. While Cinema mode worked well with letterboxed material, including broadcast lowwe such as Enterprise and Babylon 5, I didn’t use any of these modes to stretch standard program material; I prefer to see 4: The zoom modes include: The internal audio system is surprisingly good for being within a TV.


Loewe Aconda ACO 38″ i CRT Television | eBay

I suspect the Stratos Metallic case has a aconsa problem. Two LEDs indicate when the set is in standby mode red or powered on green. The successful transition to digital television depends on several factors.

Jan 2, Messages: There are loads of add-ons decoders, Dolby sound systems, PC card etc and most of the second-hand ones I have seen seem to have lots of extras mine didn’t. Appears to be i – though wont accept progressive scan presumably because of the Hz processing. So, while you are right that there is more supply than demand, the credit crunch, aged 4 weeks or 4 months maybe, has nothing to do with a much longer standing phenomenon.

One thing to not is they weigh c.