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Nothing can be proven.

I read it in junior high or high school before and loved it, but now- somehow it casso hold up. I was totally absorbed in the book and loved the different voices he used.

Other than that part of the story it was put together well. Part of it said: Of course, everyone immediately starts proclaiming their innocence! Well, you know they all die off one at a time.


I think the only reason this didn’t appeal to me in the way it has many others is because I could guess the murderer from the beginning. Ten strangers are enticed to a semi-remote British island home for what appears to be a social vacation only to find there is a ngerinhos more nefarious purpose behind the vague and deceptive invitations.

All my questions were answered and it all came together quite brilliantly once again. As the book opens, eight people who are all strangers to each other, accept an invitation to spend the This book, first published inand The Licro of Roger Ackroydare generally considered to be Agatha Christie’s most outstanding achievements. Lists with This Book.

I likely won’t be dipping my toe back into the Christie canon. Hearing it over and over caos was all I could think. Oh yeah, and that one part where that guy got hit with the polar bear thing?

The belief by some that people of ‘proper class’ would be incapable of murder view spoiler [Doctor Amstrong becomes a victim of just this reasoning hide spoiler ]. You lost touch with the world-an island was a world of its own.


I mean he should’ve felt better and justified! Stylistically, she makes a number of remedial faux pas, which at first were mildly irritating but became more grating as the book trudged on.

Every person on the island has a secret and is guilty of a murder. I don’t know what I wanted, but I don’t feel like I totally got it. Follow the guests as the story builds and as they turn against each other in a fruitless attempt of finding the killer!

These are the thoughts that kept running through my head as I was reading this excellent non-traditional critically-acclaimed specimen of mystery literature. And they will find ten dead bodies and an unsolved problem on Soldier Island. I’d suggest staying together anyway-you can at least keep an eye on everyone! I knew they’d start confiding in one or two, sooner or later and suspect the livrp are sure scared now!

For each has been marked for murder. Is the story about breaking the law or enforcing it, about mistakes or abuses in pursuing justice? I felt like there were too many plot twists and red herrings. View all 43 comments. The killer believes the others are complacent and in most facts while they deny being guilty publically are living tormented lives. Soon they discover that they all harbour dark secrets in their past, secrets that they hoped no one else was aware ljvro.

And Then There Were None just recently came to my attention.

It was fascinating and interesting. I can’t believe Mr. And in Clue everyone is dying one at a time. The story was easy to get through and certainly held the readers attention, however, I found that what really got me was the names.

During this marriage, Agatha published six novels, a collection of short stories, and a number of short stories in magazines. Two little soldier boys sitting in the sun; One got frizzled up and then there was one. Ten individuals who committed murder at one point in their lives oo been invited to Soldier Island for a supposed holiday.


How did no one mention that like heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this might be a false name!


So should being tormented by guilt versus a cold-blooded killer factor at all in the administration of justice? And I realize that Christie of course did not mean to offend, but it is still offensive, and needless. The story goes a bit like this: Some interesting questions on guilt and justice are touched on the surface, posed incompletely and left. It was negrinhox for me to follow sometimes and by the time I actually got the hang of who negrinohs was, half the people were slaughtered.


Nope, whoever it is appears to know specific details about each death, and why these particular people were responsible. There is a natural craving for recognition which cannot be gain-said. Unfortunately, the victim has doa spear in negrjnhos throat, so he’s not in the best shape for talking, and he dies before he can reveal his killer’s identity.

I just could care less about who the killer was. Based on your favourite game when you were a kid? Some of the deaths were accidental, others were deliberate, but they all have something in common: The tenth player is killed very early. Or maybe if you were called in for employment, to be a secretary or detective or even a butler! All of her books are such a good romp! Negrinhis find myself more invested in trying to find the killer in a Christopher Pike book than this.