Creating a new survey. Presentation and Navigation Tab. Format: A drop down box that allows you to choose either: Question by Question: Survey will display. May 4, Part of this tutorial was adapted from a tutorial by LimeSurvey. See its complete version at: ?page. LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is a free and open source on-line survey application written in PHP based on a MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database, .

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Once you are done with the options, click on the Copy survey button located on the bottom of the page. Array 10 point choice.

Limesurvey Tutorial

The following options will show up which will tutoriaal you to choose what should be inherited from the parent survey group theme:. The following columns have to be filled in:.

Bootswatch enables users to easily try new looks without investing too much time or energy. It is time to send notifications to the participants, inviting them to take the survey. At ranking questions tuforial limits the number of items a user can rank. Participants may print answers: All you have to do is decide for each question wether it is relevant given the circumstances.

LimeSurvey | Website tutorials

To offer freedom to your survey administrators, the superadministrator has to choose Selectable for the Show “No answer” option from the global settings of your LimeSurvey installation. When you insert text in this field, a “Question Mark” icon appears on the survey entry screens with the help text right beside it. This attribute allows you to display the answers for the question in more than 1 column.


You can replace it with 0which would make the question always irrelevant. That there are people who really understand you? Creating a new survey Presentation and Navigation Tab.

Make a new tutoriwl group called Marital Status. The first one is to click on the arrow besides the Surveys button that is located on the main toolbar of your Limesuurvey installation home page. LimeSurvey will create a new entry in your tokens table for this person, and then send them an invitation email. You can also reedit most of these settings by accessing the settings menu of the newly created survey and editing the desired options.

Only works for the text type questions listed below. To deactivate a survey, simply click on the red box icon in the survey menu bar.


After updating the email text, click on the Send email invitation icon in order to send the notifications to the participants. You can tytorial my Background question group if you like. The script will ensure that only one person per email address can complete your survey. We put curly brackets around it to distinguish it from normal text. The two options available are using a matrix organized by rows or columns. It can be used to filter the label set codes of the current question based on the answer to a previous single choice question.

The outcome of this expressions was either true or falseThe outcome of an expressions need not be true or false. Sets the numeric step value for the dropdown lists. You will later see that it can do much more. Below, you will see that you can choose a bootswatch theme for your survey group.


Only the Opera browser does not need this since it handles the page breaks accordingly. The question code will later appear as variable name in your data file.

The survey group functionality has been added once with the launch of LimeSurvey 3. If set to 3the user will only be able to submit the surveys form if they have selected at least three check-boxes. How you would describe limesufvey marriage? In this lesson it is you who does the work. If this happens to you, tutkrial that you are using a provider-based email address in the “Admin email” field. Test running the question group will not show the randomized questions.

LimeSurvey currently supports the following built-in “P” attributes: What is your name? Enter a specific email address ie: LimeSurvey currently supports the following built-in Mask types: It is possible to use them in Group by group mode, but with certain restrictions.

Surveys – introduction

Only available in Array Multi Flexible Numbers question type. This attribute overrides default scale. For limesurveu information on bootswatch themes, check the following link.

If the question about age would be in the same group as the question about marriage, then it cannot appear conditionally.

It may be undesirable always to let them appear in the same order. Sends bulk limesurveey reminders to all participants in the tokens table who have not yet responded, but have been sent their first invitation.