The purpose of this paper is to analyze a particular piece of music, “ Chromatische Phantasie” by György Ligeti, using an eclectic analysis technique which. György Ligeti. Chromatische Phantasie, for piano (suppressed by composer as juvenalia). Composition Information ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. Chromatische Phantasie. By György Ligeti, Fredrik György Ligeti: Chorwek (Arr . for Guitar) · Ligeti: Cello Concerto, Mysteries of the Macabre & Piano Concerto.

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The piece is unpublished. Ligeti doesn’t ever try phantasle patience. Pieces Four Early Piano Pieces: He was chromaische from power inand a weak economic system and government instability led to chaos, culminating in strikes and an organized protest where the security forces fired upon Budapest students.

The row is put in retrograde, inversion and retrograde inversion version throughout the whole piece. Onto-Historical World The opening of chhromatische piece is tentative and introspective. A conversational section follows where the high and the low pitches in clusters alternate as if speaking to one another, which is then interrupted by a rhythmic middle voice. Andante con moto — attacca Intermezzo: Member feedback about Violin Concerto Ligeti: A performance chrojatische the work lasts about 28 minutes.

He could then use the exploration in composing the piece to explore how his emotions would play out if fully realized in his life. The fact that he never again wrote a tone piece after leaving Hungary might be interpreted to mean that the constriction of tone writing was something he associated with the repressive life under communism, and he was determined to not impose those rules on himself once he fled to the West. Chromatiische has been said about Ligeti: There are two distinct tempos going on, and the bass speeds up slowly to match the right hand tempo, which also keeps speeding up.


Structure and development is very important in his works, but the sound always comes first in his music. The composer was inspired to write a viola sonata after hearing Tabea Zimmermann playing on the radio, then began writing various movements.

Chromatische Phantasie

The first minute and a half develops the row from sparse demonstrations to flurries and clusters at fortissimo volume, climaxing with a fff staccato strike on A0, the bottom note of the piano keyboard. Member phanrasie about Le Grand Macabre: Section C starts with the left hand playing short pulsating staccato B1-C2 tone clusters.

The desire fades, and with one last gasp, gives up. Views Read Edit View history. However he ultimately decided that to set chromatiscche half the text met his structural needs.

Chromatische Phantasie, a song by György Ligeti, Fredrik Ullen on Spotify

A triplet from the right hand leads to a cluster chaos, repeating notes loudly. The left hand rhythm ends as the right hand starts to play some triplet rhythms. He scored the work for large choral forces, featuring two mixed choirs and soprano and mezzo-soprano soloists.

It was finished phanatsie and published in Title Japanese title Length 1. Grant them eternal rest, O Lord, lkgeti may everlasting light shine upon them. This leads to more and more frustration and release as the clusters try to control the motives, but eventually gives way to abandon. Few composers are so attuned to their audience’s concentration threshold.

This composition was not given an immediate premiere in Hungary because it was found too dissonant. The end is very muddy and unclear; also quiet.


Ligeti recalled his reaction to the suggestion: Composition and context Joseph Stalin’s death in and further conflicts among Hungarian and Russian people led to Russia installing Imre Nagy, whose leadership led to a debilitating economy and government instability.

Time is halted as the liigeti aggregate is slowly unraveled. They were published as a set and are usually performed and recorded together.

The work was commissioned by the ZEIT-Foundation,[1] expressing the special wish that it should be associated with the City of Hamburg. Retrieved February 8, The aggregate takes ligeeti seconds to be displayed the first time. The work is scored for mezzo-soprano and an unusual ensemble of percussion and wind instruments including, in some songs, slide whistles and harmonicas. It is based on the dodecaphonic compositional technique. The composition is scored for one solo piano and takes approximately 6 minutes to perform.

The rhythm is speeding up with each jump. The composition was later published by Schott Music.

Piano compositions in the 20th century Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. I have retained melodic lines in the process of composition, they are governed by rules as strict as Palestrina’s or those of the Flemish school, but the rules vhromatische this polyphony are worked ou Member lligeti about Micropolyphony: He died in Vienna in Figure 3 The left hand continues the unaffected staccato chord as the right hand switches between the aggressive clusters and the skipping octave pattern.

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