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Many take for granted this core infrastructure and, when asked, admit that these tools have had far more impact upon the questions that they ask and the research that they conduct than they readily articulate.

Classicists are fortunate in having a well-developed set of public domain print resources with which to begin their work. It is shorthand, for example, for technological innovations at the hardware and software levels; new communication paradigms as studied in the social-science field of “computer-mediated communication” ; and new computation methods including data-mining and -generation.

In other words, when new media emerge in a society, their place is at first ill defined, and their ultimate meanings or functions are shaped over time by that society’s existing habits of media use which, of course, derive from experience with other, established mediaby shared desires for new uses, and by the slow process of adaptation between the two. A generation ago, classicists could get jobs, tenure, and promotion at leading institutions as editors and authors of scholarly commentaries.

Johns Hopkins University Press.

A Companion to Digital Literary Studies

All of the examples above either are, or could become, general services. Defining media this way admittedly keeps things muddy” Gitelman The examples given reflect substantive work with existing technologies applied to questions common to all students of historical languages.

These new words are then listed according to their frequency in the given passage.

For end users consulting these editions in their studies or at a library, however, the problems might prove more significant: Publishers have, however, traditionally charged permission fees for materials that were in the public domain and an exploration of rights and practices would provoke interesting lines of inquiry. The machine translation systems can look for statistical associations between words in the two languages to identify probable translation equivalents for particular words lbiro particular passages.


The Frankfurt School critique of the media “culture industry” is paradigmatic, as philjppe more recent critique of the same industry by the conservative right.

libro rpg philippe bouchard pdf

A Critique of Visual Culture. Comparing and contrasting new media thus stand to offer a view of negotiability in itself — a view, that is, of the contested relations of force that determine the pathways by which new media may eventually become old hat” The Extensions of Man. We see similar telescopings between collective and personal ratios in accounts of new media as old as Plato’s Phaedruswhere the Egyptian king foresees the total effect of writing on his people in internalizing, psychological terms “they will not use their memories; they will trust to the external written characters and not remember of themselves”.

Electronic Library and Information Systems 39 4: In the Thucydides and Plutarch results, the electronic text faithfully reproduces the line-breaks including hyphenization of the print original.

Effekte technischer Medien im Werk Franz Kafkas. Initial markup to capture the basic structural elements: Users need to find many other patterns and we need research and development on a range of searches.

A Companion to Digital Literary Studies

In the first section buochard the volume, for example, Matthew Steggle discusses not just digital scholarship in Renaissance and seventeenth-century literary studies methods that extend the uniquely information-intensive activities of print and microfilm-based cataloguing, bibliography-making, textual scholarship, and so on that had attended this field through much of the twentieth century but also the emergence of a new “Renaissance information” approach that ;hilippe the early modern era as itself a precursor information revolution the time of The Renaissance Computeras the title of one precedent-setting volume of essays he cites would have it.

A Greek Grammar for Colleges. But it combines all these to imagine the identity tales — tragic, utopian, or messily mixed — that mediate “us” in relation to the others who are part of our generative kernel. The quote that begins this essay, however, directs a criticism which is just as philippe but has attracted less attention.

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The critique in the Phaedrus is profound and addresses all technologies which represent information abstracted not only from the brain but also from the personal context in which much learning occurs. The better term is indeed “encounter,” indicating a thick, unpredictable zone of contact — more borderland than border line — where mis understandings of new media are negotiated along twisting, partial, and contradictory vectors.

A Companion to Classical Texts. The tools at our disposal today, primitive as they may appear in the future, are already adequate to create a dynamic space for intellectual life as different from what precedes it as oral culture differs from a world of writing.


Natural language, mathematical formulae, and visual representations of space will interact to generate tailored itineraries, with estimates of time and customizable maps illustrating the journey from one point to another, in some cases speaking their directions in an expanding suite of languages.

The Ibycus was, by the standards of the early twenty-first century, astonishingly expensive — it cost tens of thousands of philjppe — but it provided scholars with services they needed not only to exploit the TLG but to write and publish. This strategy draws upon the fact that runs of repeated words are surprisingly uncommon, philoppe in large corpora.

On the other hand, ilbro names of such persons are inserted when they are intimately connected with some great historical event, or there are other persons of the same name with whom they might be confounded”; Smith Our natural collaborators include not only all of those working with historical languages but also those struggling to analyze the thousands of languages spoken in our contemporary world.

The digital world makes possible a new kind of editor: But in today’s time of governmental and corporate information monitoring, of course, the reverse tale is just as persuasive and equally post modern. Even the section breaks are only approximately encoded, with section breaks, for example, simply inserted at the start of the line rather than in their proper position.

The draft report available in May makes cursory mention of classics. But when they came to letters, This, said Theuth, will make the Egyptians wiser and give them better memories; it is a specific both for the memory and for the wit. Once a user has asked for information on four or five words in a word passage of Ovid, we can then predict two-thirds of the subsequent words that will elicit queries.

Technologically, the protocol was the print codex and related forms previously, the manuscript. So, too, structuralist approaches to narrative are on the same page with Aristotle.

A Companion to Digital Literary Studies is fundamentally a narrative of what may be called the scene of “new media encounter” — in this case, between the literary and the digital.

The lesson one should not draw from these and other pioneering digital editions, however, is that digital projects are inevitably doomed to early irrelevance and undeserved lack of disciplinary impact.