Ley de contrato de trabajo, 20, Texto ordenado por decreto /76 y modificaciones (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Paperback – by Argentina ( Author). Get this from a library! Ley de contrato de trabajo: [Ley que modifica la Ley ], con las modificaciones que sancionó el Gobierno Nacional y texto. Ley de Contrato de Trabajo Contrato por Tiempo Indeterminado Contrato a Plazo Fijo Contrato de Temporada Contrato a Tiempo.

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Only trabako, the latter will enter into force. Territorial and Professional Level Once approved,it is legally binding on all employers and employees included in the industry or the branch, within its territorial scope. Those who exercise the functions entrusted by Article 40 of this law are entitled to: Health and hospital services; production and distribution of drinking water; electricity and gas; and air traffic control are considered as essential services. Employees’ representatives may be elected under the following conditions: Exchanging of information tragajo for the purposes of the examination of the issues under discussion.

LEY CONTRATO DE TRABAJO by Lucia Etchegaray on Prezi

If agreements do not contain any clause violating public order or general interest standards, the Minister will issue an administrative act deciding on the approval of the collective agreement. The court declared that the provision, which created a monopoly in the representation of collective interests was contrary to the freedom of association. Fixed term contracts must follow article 94 LCT, according to which parties need to inform the other party of the end of the contract between 1 and 2 months before the agreed deadline, except if the contract is for the duration of less than one 1 month.

The exclusive rights of the union with legal personality are: Constitutional provisions giving effect to freedom of association and collective bargaining rights: If the parties fail to reconcile, the authority may propose a conciliatory formula, and for that purpose shall be authorized to conduct research, seek advice from the public agencies or private institutions and, in general, order any measure aiming at more extensive knowledge of the matter. It is an advisory body to the technical secretariat of the Presidency of Argentina, and has tripartite representation.


Only one trade union can be granted trade union status by the Ministry of Labour at each bargaining level. Mandatory conciliation is foreseen in Art. Workers enjoying special protection: The clauses of the collective agreement aimed to encourage the action of associations of workers in defense of professional interests that modify provisions of the labour law provided that they do not affect standards laid down in protection of the general interest will also be valid.

Argentina – 2015

All the terms of a collective agreement collective agreement, upon its expiry, maintain full force until a new collective agreement to replace it is concluded, unless the expired collective agreement had been agreed otherwise. The same applies where the nature of the activity in which workers provide services represent the employment relationship begins and ends with the completion of the work fixed term contracts. No limitation on the number of FTC, as long as the duration of the employment relationship does not exceed 5 years art.

Where a challenge to a dismissal arises, determination of just cause will be determined judicially. Created by National Employment Law no. According to article LCL this is the compulsory minimum notification period, but the parties can agree on a longer one.

Politica. Ley contrato de trabajo by Lara Murad on Prezi

The provisions of collective agreements must comply with the legal regulations governing institutions of labour law, unless the provisions of the Convention relating to each of these institutions will be contraho favorable to workers, provided that affect provisions which protect the public interest. Wage negotiations or those relating to economic conditions of the work performed, shall be subject to the rules set forth by the budget law and the guidelines that determined its construction.

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The Law does not stipulate limitations as to the reasons for concluding a contract for a specified period. Where a conflict that arises has no solution between the parties, either party shall, before resorting to direct contrto, communicate to the administrative authority, to formalize procedures of compulsory conciliation.

If such threshold is se reached, the crisis prevention procedure is not compulsory. The conciliator may extend such period for five additional days, after which, if no agreement is reached the parties are left free to engage into industrial action.

Attending meetings as agreed or determined by the enforcement authority.

Notification to the public administration: The decisions are adopted by the Council with the majority of two thirds.

In that case, once the conciliatory procedure is finished, the parties may resort to direct industrial action measures.

Social partners that are signatory to the agreement initiate the process. The bylaws shall conform to the provisions of Article 8, and contain: The most representative confederations are those which affiliate with unions with legal personality that are deemed to have the largest number of contributing workers.

Maximum cumulative duration of successive FTCs: Criminal sanctions No provision found in labour legislation. Article 2 of the Law on Trade Union Associations indirectly defines trade unions by stating that they are aimed at defending the interests of workers.