Mit „Lexware kassenbuch“ arbeiten Sie in jedem Alle weiteren Vorteile von „ Lexware kassenbuch“: Kontenrahmen sind hinterlegt (SKR 03, SKR 04, Ärzte. DATEV E-Bilanz-Kontenrahmen SKR 04 Einzelunternehmen DATEV- Kontenrahmen SKR 03 – Kapitalgesellschaften – Barthel. DATEV E-Bilanz-Kontenrahmen SKR 04 Einzelunternehmen DATEV- Kontenrahmen SKR 03 – Einzelunternehmen – Barthel.

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One woman even called up my main customer to check if they offered me training rooms. No, each country has different VAT declaration forms. That was suggested and accounted for with a floorplan by that company from the beginning – I had no idea and less German to sort that out those days ;- What I suggested was setting the second flat off as teaching room expenses in the interim probably not allowable in this case?

Kontenrahmen Hotels und Gaststätten Basis SKR 03

Es wurde keine Strafanzeige gegen Unbekannt erstellt oder verantwortliches Personal abgemahnt Negativer Kassenbestand. Sign In Sign Up. Anyone currently using a software package they’d recommend?

Has anyone used UK software in Germany and is there any glaring issue with doing so? On the tax point actually, even though we sometimes take our receipts to the Steuerberater in a box, its all nicely sorted and clipped, with travel expenses done according to the time of day: Moreover the Tax Consultant Steuerberater has automatic access to this program and I dont know if I want that.

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I’m not sure what you mean by something aware of German laws, I would have thought whatever you were using before would be fine, but just in case it helps, a few suggestions rather than recommendations, as I don’t currently use any software for this purpose: This means using the Datev double entry accounting standard account numbers, e.

None of the software I’ve listed costs any money at all, but I doubt they are “aware of the German laws” either. There is not enough demand to make it worthwhile for anyone to have software properly konhenrahmen and localised into English. I’ve never used Managerbut it seems live a very complete solution and does a lot more for you than the others. Go To Topic Listing Business. Posted 12 Jun Lexwar anyone direct me to a relatively inexpensive software package for keeping track of invoicing and expenses for a freelance English teacher?

Hi all, Can anyone direct me to a relatively inexpensive software package for keeping track of invoicing and expenses for a freelance English teacher? Posted 23 Jun Register a new account.

SKR 03 Englisch

Now, I know I won’t find this for free, but I don’t want to invest a couple hundred euro in lexare software package only to find out it won’t suit my needs. It doesn’t sound right to me but it might just be a cultural difference. Digitale Ein- und Ausgangsrechnungen z.

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Nutzen Sie die hinterlegten Kontenrahmendie gespeicherten Buchungstexte und die automatische Belegnummernvergabe. Thank you for reading this ream and for any help you could give!

I get the impression that what annoyed the OP is that the bookkeeper went over her head contacting her client and acting as if she were an investigator on the Finanzamt’s payroll. Started by techgirl11 Jun freelance account software.

Basically, I mean 1 deals in Euros, 2 is set up to handle VAT and other taxes quarterly payments, etc3 deals with mileage, home office, and depreciation according to German tax laws, and 4 can print out properly-formatted invoices. You need to be a member in order to leave kontenramhen comment.

Accounting software for freelance English teachers?

Buchungsliste, Summen- und Saldenliste, Kassenblatt …. Posted 26 Jun Or just use the software Datev itself provides for a Steuerberater’s clients, just ask your Steuerberater. They hand in their shoebox full of unsorted receipts and then drop off the face of the earth. Sparen Sie Zeit und Tipp-Arbeit: The senior partner lady and the rest of that company have been impeccable these 15 years – but nothing in life is perfect in the end after all.