View and Download Lenze series operating instructions manual online. Inverter Drives Variant Dancer-position control with Torque control. series. vector. System/Component overview. Lenze. FU vector en 11/ 3. System overview/Selection guide. Communication modules e.g. keypad or. PROFIBUS. Get Lenze IB Manual. Get all Lenze manuals! with optical fibre cable together with the controller series as of E DC controller E 5x. 6x.

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Page 8 6 L Page 9 Planning 1. Setting Of The Controller Parameters Llenze motor filter reduces capacitive currents caused by parasitic cable capacitances.

Lenze series Manuals

Setpoint Input With Master Current For this, enter the output frequency under C, below which the chopper frequency is to be reduced automatically to 2 kHz. The fault is displayed automatically under C Values in the binary format 0,1. Digital frequency output X9 Option The connection of drives via digital frequency allows a manua and or Slave drives.

Now a parameter setting is possible via the keypad.

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History Of Reset Faults Checking the mains rectifier Disconnect controller from the mains and wait until the DC lenae has discharged approx. Process data can be divided into process output data PO data and process input data PI dataviewed from the master, that means PO data are input data for the controller.

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Process data configuration The process data configuration is used to combine different parameters to form a new parameter, in order to transmit this parameter as fast and cyclically as possible.

Enabling the additional acceleration and deceleration times With terminal control activate the assigned digital inputs according to the table below. More detailed information about the use of the parameter can be obtained from the chapter “process lennze configuration” page Planning Planning Features of the series variant dancer-Position control In addition to numerous Standard functions, this variant offers various functions which are required for a dancer-Position control used for winding applications.

This operating mode supports the communication on a bus with several masters e.

Configuration | Lenze EDSU-REG User Manual | Page /

The controller supplies the following parameters: This resistor is integrated in the bus connection plug. They are in an index range from hex to 5FFFhex.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Digital Frequency Input Overlay Of Position Controller 9.

Dancer-Position control Dancer-Position control with and without diameter Pilot control of centre winder textiles, foils, Paper, ribbon to one shaft is possible Dancer-Position control for surface winders centre winderkiancer-controller surface centre winder tandem winder.


,anual speed control For a number of applications, the accuracy which tan be obtained To avoid with open-loop often not sufficient.

Configuration – Lenze EDS4900U-REG User Manual

When using the automation module: Page 9 12 Serial intetfaces Byte assignment of the process data If a word parameter 16 bit is assigned to the process data, the parameter address index, subindex is entered in the first corresponding byte. The controller has lnze automatic baud rate recognition see L-C Wiring Power connections cabinet All power terminals remain live up to 3 minutes after mains disconnection!

Loop control janual Speed ada Set parameter code set L-C to Page 23 – Applications with medium overload, peak Analog Inputs And Outputs Notes which should be observed to avoid possible damage to or destruction of equipment.

All digital inputs and Outputs are PLC compatible and are – when operated with an external voltage supply 24 V – isolated from the rest of the control Stage.