LEGO set database: Test Car. Set number: ; Name: Test Car; Also known as: Test Car; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme. Find great deals for Lego Technic Test Car Classic Vintage RARE Set. Shop with confidence on eBay!. View LEGO instructions for Car set number to help you build these LEGO sets.

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A pair of longitudinal axles support each seat and allow it to translate forward and back. Edited March 19, by Appie typos and couldn’t preview topic before posting?

The reason why that isn’t simply an axle with a red bush is because from the front view that is visible above the dash and I don’t like that. I’m who almost have big sizes in lego, because they make pieces more important than unique solutions and hard-thinking about the project, I have only a word: Brilliant little bugger, your small builds get better and better.

For the centre console I tried to mimic the original as well.

The middle axle translates forward and back which allows different gears to mesh. The version on the right is in neutral. The tie rods connect to the new steering arms with more ball joints. I have the original big brother. The color coded computer image shows the configuration in each gear.

Little , my tribute to 40 years of Technic. – LEGO Technic and Model Team – Eurobricks Forums

It incorporates a built in 28 tooth ring gear which can work either as a bevel or a spur, similar to the 24 tooth crown gear. A pinion gear attached to the seat can be turned via a crank, driving the seat forward see computer image and animation. Steering The front wheels can be steered using a new wheel at the driver’s position.


Lovely, instantly recognizable and I always liked the original set as well, so great choice.

Instructions For LEGO 8865 Car

I tried quite a few suspension setups with these blue wishbones which I felt I needed to use for this tribute and this setup resulted in almost no visible bumpsteer. Thank you very much guys!

Differential This set uses a rear differential gear. LvdH Looking at the comments, I’ll probably make my own LDD within the next couple of days, so people can build it if they would like to. Alot of people find it ugly, but I can never hate on this model. The gearbox is not synchronized in any way, so it is difficult to shift gears since they tend not to be aligned.


Excellent tribute, I think this is what Lego should have done. Then this method happened when I mounted the dash and front bumper. Each pair of opposing cylinders shares a common crank pin.

Count me in as a huge fan of this build. Recline is based on simple finger hinges which tend to not be tight enough to support the weight of the seat back if 8685 angle is more than a few degrees.

An assembly of plates and beams forms the hub which pivots on longitudinal axles.

In addition to the ability to adjust the position of the seats, these seats also can be reclined! Appie you’ve got some insane talent for building small. The steering arm itself pivots on upper and lower king pins which fit into sockets in the control arms. The fact that you’ve almost totally replicated the functions of the original on such 88865 small scale is brilliant. The rear suspension could have also used the new control arms, but instead forms the control arms out of four beams.

Click for an animation of the headlights opening. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Click for an animation of the rear suspension in motion.


Lego 8865 Technic Test Car Classic Vintage RARE Set

However where the I tried to copy as much functions from the original, I lsgo not to add any new functions that the original didn’t have wether I had room for that in the first place is another thing. I have only a question, how shock absorbing work with the real drivertrain? While I managed a rear suspension in 10 studs, it looked very flimsy So I decided to slightly scale up my model with the use of these 37mm tires.

All four wheels have independent suspension. I used a 3L blue liftarm as gearstick because his big brother has it too, same goes for the antenna being red for the headlights.

An extra vertical 6L beam helps support the four bar linkage so that not too much vertical stress is put on the steering arm.

Adjustable seat’s maximum laid back position to keep a seat in its adjusted position I decided to use rubber 2L liftarms below the seats behind the LBG bush. A little turn of that LBG bush and the seat won’t move. Click for an animation of the transmission shifting. I originally wanted to use The result of this is that the wheel on the inside of the turn is rotated more sharply than the wheel on the outside, which is exactly what is required for a turning in a proper circle without skidding.

A lever in the cabin pushes an axle forward and back see computer image. Posted March 15, I love the integration of all the original functions in this smaller scale, especially the folding headlights.