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In other words, forces of constraint are in effect eliminated from 4. Forces of constraint, for smooth holonomic constraints, are automatically eliminated and do not appear in the Lagrangian equations. Make clear what is meant by the term “inertial frame of reference”.

Schaum’s Outline of Lagrangian Dynamics : Dare A. Wells :

The number of independent coordinates not including time required to specify completely the position of each and every echaum or component part of the system. It is an unfortunate fact, but one which the applied scientist must face, that in a great majority of cases differential equations of motion are so involved that no methods of integration are available.

Imagine a point or a particle moving in space along the path AB f as shown in Fig, below.

Show that if the spiral, Problem 3. Applying we can again use 3. Equipment for these experiments is easily and quickly assembled. A determination of the frequencies of motion of the “two-particle” system shown in Fig. To find corresponding quantities referred to any parallel system of axes 7.


The simple pendulum is supported near a large uniform sphere of mass M, Fig. The actual number in any particular case depends altogether on the number of masses involved and the geometrical restrictions placed on their motions. Moreover, it frequently happens in practice that many details listed under Section 1.

However, in this more general case, it is important to realize that, for a system of p particles having various constraints, an increase in q r alone may require a shift in the positions of several or even all the particles.

Corresponding equations for any assumed motions may, of course, be written out at once. Are coordinates y and 8 inertial? No unified set of laws, applicable to any and all problems, has as yet been developed.

Neglecting air resistance, the only force is the pull of gravity in the negative direction of Z. Double pendulum, as shown in Fig. Hamilton’s equations have been useful in certain applied fields as well as in the development of quantum mechanics. Virtual displacements and virtual work. In this text we begin with Newton’s laws of motion, establish D’Alembert’s equation, and from this finally derive Lagrange’s relations.


Schaum’s Outline of Theory and Problems of Lagrangian Dynamics by Dare A. Wells

See again Section 2. It will be assumed that some or all constraints may be moving and that any or all of the generalized co- ordinates are non-inertial.

A rigid parabolic wire having equation z — ar 2 is fastened to the vertical shaft of Fig. A rotating platform is mounted on the ground with axis of rotation vertical. But a word of warning.

Schaum’s Outline of Lagrangian Dynamics

In this problem r is taken constant. The reader need not, at the moment, be concerned with the proofs, c. Repeat the above procedure for Problem 3. Centrifugal force, Goriolis force, etc. The usefulness of 5.

The uniform slender rods, Fig. Wattschosenseed added it Jun 14, The pedagogic value of a few examples may far exceed pages of discussion. However, and this is important both from the point of view of basic ideas as well as certain applications even though, in reality, the particle may have only two degrees of freedom, three Lagrangian equations can still be written.