Fashion, decoration, restaurants, hotels, museums, well-being, this pocket-size book contains, like a treasure box, Ines de la Fressange’s confidential. La Parisienne book french version. Découvrez-vite! With her long-time friend Sophie Gachet, Ines de la Fressange reveals all of her Parisian secrets, addresses. Le chic Parisien selon Ines de la Fressange. Découvrez l’univers de la Parisienne, son style, son art de vivre. Retrouvez les collections de prêt-à-porter, souliers.

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Lord help me if I know what possessed me to buy this probably because it looked really pretty. I don’t think I’ll be referring to it often, but it’s the kind of book you leave in the fressnge room when your girlfriend comes for a visit. Overall, this book was okay. And didn’t like the drawings.

I love the look of Parisian style and feel that it fits my personality better than most other looks out there. Oct 06, Megan rated it it was ok. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I love to mix all kinds of products in the same place: Nowadays, I work with Naoki Takizawa to design clothing collections for Uniqlo and it’s really rewarding. You wear many hats as a model and fashion muse, a perfume designer, a journalist and an entrepreneur.

Literally the entire second half of the book is filled w Oh this was so frustrating. Apr 09, Jamie Leach rated it it was amazing. The reality is simple: This was a nice light read and I garnered several unexpected and useful bits.

First of all, I love Paris styles, and second of all, I loved the way the book was fresange. So, the addresses then. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. You can pick this up in any magazine, and hopefully the magazine will also have a slightly less biased opinion.

And that’s why her book is still circulating on the top of my book reading pile. I’ve tried this too. It may be hard to imagine that a fressante so whimsical could be the crossing iines of the divergent paths of Parisian style, simple living, and zen would cross, it may well be.


Before returning this sacred anti-rule rulebook to the library, I noted the essentials, according to de la Fressange: I was was drawn to it, and just finished reading it.

Parisian Chic offers a side of escapism and healthy portion of useful information.

Basically, it is Parisian inspired style Lucky Magazine calls “gamine. I organized my entire closet on the ,a I got from it and I realized that I’d have an additional number of great outfits already in the closet with the purchase of some skinny white jeans and a navy blazer!

Some of these ideas are probably better on Brunettes. What are lw of your current projects and where does your inspiration come from?

Complete with her favorite addresses for finding the ultimate fashion and decorating items, this is a must-have for any woman who wants to add a touch of Paris to her own style.

Being a model is incredibly exciting when and if you are successful. As mentioned by other reviewers, perhaps two-thirds of the book are devoted to Parisian addresses where to shop, iness, drink and being seentherefore useless for anybody who does not live there – or even for people who visit only occasionally, like me.

I al with some of it: Totally insightful and she also gives her tips on best restaurants, shops and hotels in Paris, very handy when you visit regularly.

Fast forward to Softcoverpages. Almost all of the information can be found in nearly any modern style guide. I love very much Lou Doillon: I loved it that this book is wholly dedicated to one style where as other books in this genre have sections on bohemian, rock and roller, minimalist styles etc.

Parisian Chic: A Style Guide

Besides, I dislike the array of buttons, belts and epaulettes trench coats come with. A Dollhouse Display for Christian Louboutin. But there is a synergy between all of them. The other enjoyable aspects were t This was a nice light read and I garnered several unexpected and useful bits.

Feb 11, Rachel rated it really liked it. While almost anyone can extract useful information from Parisian Chic, I think it could be most useful — and inspirational — for those of us in the Invisible Years 40s and beyond who refuse to roll over and play frumpy. The rest of us can only aspire to something several floors below that.


Ines de la Fressange Paris – Le style de la Parisienne

Dark blue sweaters, black dresses, all flatter Ines’ dark hair and olive skin. I was hoping for some advice on composition — putting clothes together and accessorizing well — which seems to be the real skill of French dressers. You can pick this up in any magazine, and parisiennr the magazine will also have a slightly less biased o I stumbled upon this guide in the travel parisienen of my library. After that, prepare to age ten years. I came away feeling that despite the fact that she encouraged readers to “Never follow convention, never be bland, never neglect yourself” she was still giving readers a uniform–Parisian style.

A bit of a disappointment for me, since I hoped for a bit more fashion advice in the sense of how to build a functional wardrobe without unnecessary clutter, but most of the book is a long stream of contradictory information with countless pages dedicated to small boutiques in Paris. Her cure for wrinkles? I found myself skipping through large portions of A bit disappointing, I’m relieved I borrowed it from the library rather than purchasing. It’s a fun way to fuel the daydreams.

Other bits of wisdom can be found regularly on women’s magazines and are hardly groundbreaking: Though I wish they could have been of interest, I am not in Paris and unfortunately I’m not visiting soon.

Who would you say is the most emblematic Parisian man, and why?