Arditi del Popolo (von ital. ardito, dt. „kühn“, „mutig“, Popolo dt. Volk) war die Bezeichnung einer Valerio Gentili: La legione romana degli Arditi del Popolo. For another Taiwan La legione romana degli arditi del popolo: la storia mai raccontata delle prime formazioni armate che strenuamente si opposero al fascismo. DAL NULLA SORGEMMO. LA LEGIONE ROMANA DEGLI ARDITI DEL POPOLO. LA STORIA MAI RACCONTATA DELLE PRIME FORMAZIONI ARMATE CHE.

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Flag of the Arditi del Popolosection Civitavecchia.

The Arditi were criticized by the socialist newspaper Avanti! Arditi del Popolo Logo of the Arditi del Popoloan axe cutting a fasces. I numeri dell’organizzazione Archived May 30,at the Wayback Machine.

The Bordigan tendency was opposed by the Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci[5] and many communist activists, who supported the Arditi.

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The Arditi gathered approximately 20, members in summer The Arditi del Popolo People’s Squads was an Italian militant anti-fascist group founded at the end of June to resist the rise of Benito Mussolini ‘s National Fascist Party and the violence of the Blackshirts squadristi paramilitaries.

Those who split to form the Arditi del Popolo were close to the anarchist Argo Secondari and were supported by Mario Carli. The leggione Antonello Trombadori and Luigi Longo created an organization popollo named on July 25, But with complicity of state security forces, the fascists assassinated and detained most of the leaders of the anti-fascist movement, which was completely dismantled by Furthermore, the PCI ordered its members to quit the organization because of the presence of non-communists in its ranks.

The formazioni di difesa proletaria Proletarian Defense Formations later merged with them. The Arditi benefitted from massive popular support in this task.

On July 10,Lenin wrote in the Pravda an article praising the Arditi and criticizing the Bordigan tendency of the PCI which opposed militant anti-fascism. Dehli of the Arditi’ s most important successes was in Parma in Augustwhen arditidirected by the World War I veterans Antonio Cieri and Guido Picelli, successfully defended the city against a 20,man fascist offensive headed by Roberto Farinacciwho would join the Grand Council of Fascism inand Italo Balboone of the four main planners of the March on Rome.


The Arditi del Popolo were an offshoot of the Arditi elite troops, who had previously occupied Fiume in behind the poet Gabriele d’Annunziowho proclaimed the Italian Regency of Carnaro.