Norway Accounting. Standard kontoplan NS Developed by. Datalege AS & ZedeSTech. Please log in to comment on this module. Please choose a rating. Is Norwegian Standard Accounts Specification – Norsk Standard Kontoplan At , use for instance the search-term: Accounts; NS E is the. If norwegian standard Chart of Accounts is used by the invoice receiver, then NS must be the leftmost content of the account cost string.

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If the customer disputes the invoice, the supplier must issue a credit note and a new invoice. Order, Order response, Invoice, Credit note. The Customer disputes parts of the invoice, contacts the Supplier and requests a Credit note and a new Invoice.

Chapter 8 embraces appendices.

EHF Invoice and Creditnote

Up to 7 fields may kontoppan used: Person or organisation acquiring the ownership of a product or a service for an agreed price and payment terms. Invoice and credit note bii As mentioned above, this element can be repeated multiple times. In cases when invoices are issued in other currencies than the national currency of the seller, the seller may be required to provide information about the VAT total amount in his national currency.

CustomizationID may be extended with more elements for specific trade or business validation rules.

Hovedbok for Excel

Exchanging Catalogue and Order requires no registration in ELMA, and actors are advised to include the use of electronic messages in the purchase contract or to supply an collaboration agreement as an kontopkan, in order to link the electronic collaboration with the mercantile regulations and thus achieve a regularly revision of the electronic process.


Export of goods and services.

Difi intends to relate every main version to the regulations concerning Kontopplan standards in the public kontoppan. Schematron Validation files based on Schematron may be found in our Github repoistory. For the Price element the validation routine will produce a warning if more than one occurrence of AllowanceCharge is present. Converting guide to Asciidoctor format.

Validation Principles Stages in the validation process: The price itself shall always be the net price, i. Go to chapter 7 for the complete information contents.

The combination of the ELMA registration and the implementation guides referred to in that context eliminates the need for any formal collaboration agreement between the sender and the receiver.

If the customer wants to automatically post the costs, the accounting information must be transferred to the supplier before or with the order.

ProfileID identifies what business process a given message is part of, and CustomizationID identifies the kind of message and the rules applied. The accounting cost element is just a simple text element. Invoice A commercial document confirming a sale between a seller and a buyer.

VAT categories used in Norway as of july 1, are specified in the table below.

Such a solution requires according to the Norwegian tax authorities Skattedirektoratetan agreement between the parties. Oontoplan text in chapter 6. A negative invoice invoices the sale of new goods or services. Removed validation on schemeID for ClassifiedTaxCatagory for both invoice and creditnote as this was breaking backwards compatibility. Attachments may be used to provide additional information to kontolan the claim represented by the invoice. The Credit note must have a distinct reference to the originating invoice.

None of the board members are paid for the work. That means issuing an invoice, a credit note and a reminder. If the document is posted in the issuing accounting system, it cannot be modified.


The listing below are related document types connected to the role of receiver in the conversation. The element to hold the attachment information can be repeated multiple times AdditionalDocumentReference thus allowing multiple attachments.

The EHF format assumes that all amounts on the header level have a maximum of 2 decimal places. Vennligst skriv kontoplzn en verdi mellom 5 og 5. For mer info om hvordan Idium AS sine tjenester behandler persondata se her. By using value Z01 in field InvoiceTypeCode is the invoice threated as described above when using “elektroniskB2Cfaktura”. Output VAT, reduced rate, low. The information the document is based on must be modified and the creation process rerun.

Fixing implementation of kontopan rules for higher js. The messages being exchanged within a profile are customized to comply with the requirements given for that particular business document.

Added rule to check correct use of Profile ID for both Invoice and credit note. Difi pursues the goal to cover the full trading process using EHF documents, both before and after awarding signing of a contract. Chapter 4 links to definitions relevant to EHF formats.

The same actor may play more than one role kontlplan on the handling routine. Exception Handling, Validation by the Receiver Some receivers want to validate incoming documents even though the documents should have been validated before they were submitted to the transport infrastructure.