Come join us in a night of praises according to the Coptic Orthodox Christian tradition. Network request encountered error HTTP HTTP_TRANSPORT_ERROR . Dive into transcending liturgical worship by listening to Coptic Orthodox hymns in English. Subscribe to our podcasts to learn and meditate on the rites and. Kiahk: Hymns & Praises of the Advent Fast. By SUS Coptic Diocese. • 18 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. A Prayer By H.G. Bishop Youssef. 2.

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Advent Fast (Kiahk) — Coptic Hymns in English

You can find these books here. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Send me back to earth! Of course, the entire vigil is not simply intended to honor St. I was actually commenting on how I want Kiahk praises to involve mention of St Mary more, because she is mentioned relatively little pfaises the current order of praises.

Kiahk: Hymns & Praises of the Advent Fast by SUS Coptic Diocese on Spotify

AD did it, and so many others. Please pray for me. Who would believe that they should thus go beyond the devout anchorites of the desert?


Glad to hear that! What am I talking about? If you send me your email, I can forward it to you.

Dear George, I appreciate you showing a tie between the canticles and the theotokias. Manuscript of the Seven Theotokias, written in Coptic and Arabic in Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.

To use your explanation….

Kiahk Praises Night

Allow me to explain: Praise, spread throughout the entirety of the service. My friend Tony Kalleeny informed me of a book series that is well trusted by H.

Kiahk Praise book published by Fr. Paul the Anchorite near the Red Sea mountains. Sadly today, people seem to have grown weak in being able to withstand extended hours of prayer and praise. Mary, as it is a preparation to receive our Lord, but there is an additional focus on St. If anyone has paid any attention to the praises sung on Prajses night, you would have realized that the above explanation is no longer valid! Making Christmas Great Again: At present they are written only in Arabic.

What happened to our adoration of and desire to emulate heroes of prayer, such as those monks who used to hang a rope from the ceiling and tie their hair so that they would not fall asleep while trying to pray all night?


Today, the explanation melody is no longer needed, as the translation of the hymn is readily available and usually projected on a screen for everyone to see. The new pattern praisds be:. What ever happened to that? And that would be easy to accomplish, by simply adding the daily Theotokias that are at present absent from the service.

Maybe the translation is found on some later page.

It is interesting to see no translation in the margins as is usually found in other manuscripts. If you had no relationship with the angels and the saints here on earth, how will you live with them when you meet them in heaven?

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Pishoy that he used to keep from falling asleep.