THE KHAIRY CHRONICLES MALAYSIA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT PART 5. The heir and the pretender. Some time ago, a young UMNO. directed by his then year old son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, and his. Copies of IHikayat Khairy – Khairy Jamaluddin: Putera Oxford ke The page book is the Malay version of the Khairy Chronicles posted in.

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They believe that Khairy is a real threat and quite a significant one at that too, given his meteoric rise to power. The APs are being granted in spite of the lack of showrooms and are immediately sold off to other car importers who are not able to exert the same influence on the minister in charge.

In a khsiry, Azmin was hinting that Anwar was giving Abdullah advice on how to make khsiry government perform better.

Khairy Chronicles

The signs of discontent are quite clear. Mahathir’s secret weapon, where we were going to tell you. From then on, things went smoothly. In order to perform his Khazanah duties, he wanted a free rein. In the meanwhile, with the Raya open houses, chroniclew would probably be busy miggling and interjecting conversations to explain to friends and sedara that Abdullah did not heed or son and son-in-law changed one’s proposal, advise and recomendation.

But for Tun Faisal, who is also a special officer to Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Husein, the signal for change from the delegates was very clear. Perak exco duo should be. Dollar, he is a GOD fearing man, if you are in need of loan and you will pay back the loan please contact him tell him that is Mrs Sharon, that refer you to him. Fawzi Basri, another Abdullah confidante, suggested that Khairy be given a role in another ministry.

And UMNO is rife with mutterings of dissatisfaction, due to the high price some say up to RM50, exacted by people close to Abdullah merely to secure an appointment with the Prime Minister. Out stepped a man whom the crowd immediately recognised as an Umno member of minor prominence. Abdullah had been so angry — so the story goes — that he even slapped Khairy in the face. At first the trail went cold.

You may have noticed that the last episode of The Khairy Chroniclespart 23, came out about three weeks ago on 2 January The planning has taken some time due to the complexity of the transactions. Mahathir at last realised that he had stepped down in Novemberthe most powerful man in the country, only to be replaced by a year-old. Rumours grew that a student who had publicly asked Mahathir to resign in a gathering in London was really Khairy.


All sorts of khaigy were discussed. Strangely enough, Anwar never mentions the dealings he has with Khairy in his public addresses. It was later publicly announced to the nation that Khairy was there only to extend the warm wishes of his father-in-law, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and also to personally assure Anwar that all efforts to provide him an international passport for his medical trip to Munich would be done with utmost haste. Contrary to the views of opposition leaders, Khairy is neither a homosexual nor an adulterer.

Such juicy stories were too good to be kept silent and it wound its way up to the very top. By removing the young man from his immediate official circle, Thajudeen told Abdullah that he could still rely on Khairy as a family member, but it would be wrong to continue having him as an official advisor. Muhammad came up with the first RM, for the venture, which dried chornicles in a few months in the face of the failure of AgendaDaily to attract paying readers.

Khairy Jamaluddin fully realises this.

But perhaps may yet see Khairy winning over Mahathir. Mr S, ostensibly, is a corporate finance specialist with interests in real-estate and multimedia. Kali, from his own experience, realised that Khairy would be at sea and lost in a real financial job. But it was a small price to pay for gaining the reputation as the person who finally managed to pull off the unthinkable, that is the release of Anwar Ibrahim from jail.

But even that was insufficient. In actual fact it is only what Khairy wants to be. While there were strong reaction to his remarks, many political analysts such as Raja Petra Kamarudin believed that Khairy is trying to distract the public attention from the ECM-Libra scandal where he is alleged to siphon up to 9. Sceptics may be forgiven for thinking that what Azmin said was mere boast to counter the frustrations of many opposition supporters who feel that Anwar is currently spending too much time overseas.


Meetings were held by core groups of Umno Youth members allied to the Mukhriz camp, notably in the Gopeng division, led by Aziz Shamsuddin.

Khairy Chronicles

Political journalist Yahaya Ismail recently wrote a book called Khairy Jamaluddin: When Abdullah ascended that high office, Reezal Merican thought that his time had come. Melayu Dicabar dan Ter The money was supposed to be allocated towards development projects for the poor, but has instead gone towards building a tourist complex, shopping mall and condominiums.

Acclaimed by the cowed and dumbfounded UMNO Youth Members, Khairy would not have got where he is today if not for the grace of his father-in-law. Much of the details tally with events and talk along the Corridors of Power. Azman casually started by saying that there was a position in Khazanah which he was supposed to fill.

Copies are necessary because Khairy is no longer officially with Abdullah’s office. Money politics was born in the heady days of the s when UMNO lost its conscience and went headlong to worship at the feet of Mammon. At the present moment, though the premiership of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is but a couple of years old, it is already showing the signs of a weary and tired reign. The report, copied to Najib, concluded that Kali was not a proven spy – nor did the report absolve him completely either.

Zahidi does not think that UMNO should always be led by the scions of established political families such as Hishamuddin Hussein. And it was Noordin who introduced the two.

Nobody: The Khairy Chronicles

It have been in circulation for quite a few years. On the contrary, Khairy is not attracted to men. Khairy thought Azman wanted to tell him when he could start work as the COO. Hishamuddin is stuck because Khairy has already laid a trap for him.

In the first place, he did not like someone watching his every move. In actual fact, Dr Liew provided Khairy with information on the many avenues where his cronies could be brought in to secure important contracts at jacked-up prices, as is the norm in the Defence Ministry for many decades.