Contrary to what one might think upon hearing the term, key impressioning Clipping the vice grips on the key blank, you take your file and polish the top of the. Our site stocks a wide variety of key impressioning tools, kits and files. Find the right impressioning tool to get full control and accuracy today!. To start of you need a blank, uncut key that fits in the lock. Preferably it should be brass, but other materials do work. During the impressioning process, we will.

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Once a mark is identified it can be cut. At its most basic level, one could say that you are, in fact, making an impression of the lock on a new key. If umpressioning use a key blank made of a stronger material, such as steel key blanks, you will have a rather rough go at it.

Pin tumbler locks usually leave small circular marks in the center of the bitting, whereas wafer locks leave impgessioning marks at the edges of the bitting. Copying focuses on making negative-image molds of a source key, while manipulation uses various techniques to determine the proper heights of internal components. Similar to lock picking, beginners should try their luck out on some good practice locks, instead of jumping straight into a lock that might be on the list of best padlocks or best front door locks.

However, it is not the most accurate way to gauge the positions of where the groove depths should be. A gripping tool may be used hold the blank to increase control, feedback, and decrease discomfort to the user.

Once again, these marks are made by the pins within the lock and they signify the corresponding grooves that should be made on the key blank. As I mentioned earlier on, we will mostly be dealing with basic pin tumbler locks. The tape conforms to the position of components as binding pushes the tape deeper. Now, I imprressioning like to impress a simple rule upon you see what I did there?

For beginners, I would suggest making use of the Imprressioning grip at this juncture. Failure to select the proper blank may prevent it from being inserted, able to receive markings, or able to open the lock due to additional security features.


Essentially, you will have to insert the key blank and repeat the above processes, and then file down any marks that have been made. Once the component is properly aligned it should no longer bind or produce marks.

Impressionong are available that include custom tools that have gaps with proper spacing and depth requirements for the lock. This means you choose one that can be mounted on a stand, or a head mounted magnifier. This is exactly the kind of file you need for a process like lock impressioning.

Care impressionint taken to properly space and angle cuts. In other languages Add links. This method is exceptionally good because high-security drivers if they are grooved or mushroomed are made irrelevant. With lever or warded locks, the blank may be coated with something to make identifying marks easier. Traditionally wax or carbon was used to coat the bitting surface. Filing is still required using this type of material. It is usually the case that you will find a locksmith impressioning a lock.

The marks left will be different based on the technique, lock type, and component specifics. There are several options to choose from when it comes to magnifying glasses.

Locksmithing/Key Impressioning – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Always remember to be patient with yourself as you learn and practice this skill. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

For instance, disk detainer locks are equipped with sidebars that make them rather difficult to impression. Eky can also use the skill practically if you lost your keys and you need a new one made for cheap. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As I said earlier, I will continue to repeat that you should only impression a lock that is yours or that you have been given express permission to work on. So always remember that.

Locksmithing/Key Impressioning

mipressioning Please note, this method is more time consuming and difficult on locks with sidebars e. While firmly gripping the key, and with it being properly inserted into the lock, you can begin to mark the key blank. Once the duplicate key is created it will need to have excess material removed, and possibly filed to properly align components. Some key blanks have chrome plated finishes, so you want to take the time to file past this layer till you see the brass.


In some instances, this process will not yield the most accurate results, but this is not something that a beginner has to worry about. In modern use, components are bound and impressioned against a blank key to produce marks that indicate their positions are incorrect. Key-based copying impressioning focuses on obtaining a key for a lock to duplicate it. When placed in the lock, torque is applied and the key is gently rocked against the pins. The process varies slightly depending on the lock design and included high-security mechanisms.

For instance, if you file the grooves to deep, the entire process is in jeopardy, but mistakes like kej are common among beginners. The material of the key selected is important; stronger metals, such as nickel-silver or steel, should be dismissed in favor of softer brass, aluminum, or lead based keys.

A Beginner’s Guide To Lock Impressioning

Eventually, all components are in the correct position and the lock opens. Tubular lockswarded locks, disk detainer locks, etc.

Twisting or wiggling can deform the negative-image enough to prevent the key from being inserted into the lock or correctly aligning components.

Having enough space to set all your tools in front of you is crucial, but then again if you master this process and you are in a rush, do whatever makes you more comfortable. Ideally, you should begin by filing just a little portion at a time. Many high impressoining crimes have been accomplished through the use of impressioning techniques. The main advantage of most pressure-responsive materials is not requiring the key to be filed.

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