A big thanks to Keeks and the Future Pro Goalie School crew for their knowledge and welcome this week. They run a well seasoned, modern and jam-packed. In the instruction section of the site you can tune in to weekly podcasts where Keeks interviews a goalie or a coach, as well as see video clips of. The vast majority of men and women who coach minor hockey in this country don ‘t know the first thing about coaching goalies.

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Paul Ipolito on June 4, at 5: We know the keeeks, coaches, and goalies reading this will have some ideas, so by all means feel free to reach out to us about the problems facing developing goaltenders in Canada. My son has had an actual Goalie Coach on 2 teams, and we in addition pay for coaching.

CHL Considers Euro Ban to Fix Canada’s Goalie Problem – InGoal Magazine

Now the fad is Finns and Swedes. In my experience, the vast majority of goalies and skaters, and athletes of all kinds who have asymmetrical balance or movement issues are not suffering from any inherent musculoskeletal deficiency: I am by no means espousing my greatness and I have many flaws coaching wise but I will say this.

The landslide of comments on this story show how strongly people feel about this problem. The costs to teams will not be much more than it is now or could be less. All the best Ian Rob Reply.

Steve on May 31, at 8: Head coaches here in Sweden are also very conservative and drills and the way you run a practice is hard to change. Paul way to go excellent show of dedication and determination. Maybe the fact Canadian goalie Zachary Fucale just won the Memorial Cup as a year-old in the CHL and is the top goaltender for the upcoming NHL draft, a fact largely glossed over in The Star article, indicates the problem is somewhat cyclical and not as bad as some have made out.

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I am constantly contacted by parents and goalies who desperately need proper goalie instruction. We had thought that at the AA level in a city known for putting out many great hockey players a goalie coach would be automatic, we were wrong.

Canada lags way behind in goaltending department: Feschuk

Go to Soundtrax – Soundtrax. While goaltending is a technical business, McKichan said the basics can be taught to anyone — and that anyone, in turn, can teach the basics. I have followed the related articles with great interest and I believe it is time another side of the story is presented.

In the meantime, InGoal will roll out a series of small articles looking at the problems, how they were solved overseas, and why similar models already attempted in Canada have failed to produce similar results. AA gets him on a regular basis, BB and CC maybe once a month, single letter maybe once or twice a season.

When does a goalie in Canada get extra ice time? Many coaches just think that the goalie just stops the puck no big deal. When is this Goalie Coach certification program by Hockey Canada coming to fruition? Ontario Goalie Dad on June 3, at Many do, of course, and at considerable expense. Many of these goaltenders from Europe, too, are ones who find themselves fast-tracked to the professional ranks way too quickly in their homelands and, on several occasions, they find themselves competing with North American goalies there who want to take their jobs.


Jeffery Allen on June 8, at 2: Mike on May 30, at 4: Our local Minor Hockey Association has had the same GM for almost my entire lifetime and is surrounded by odd Politics. Jay Schurman on July 24, at 8: MN Goalie Dad on May 30, at The main thing that is happening is that it is taking goalie training and development from a private setting i.

In Finland, many goalies not only train within the same club or program for a number of years, but they also work with high-level goalie voalie, sometimes even the same one that works for the pro and elite-level teams.

If there is a goaltending crisis with Canadian trained goalies, banning overseas-trained goalies will only make the situation worse by incurring LESS competition and demand for that higher skill level. Ideally, you want to be able to master this in three dimensions: Overall athletic ability, particularly where goaltending is concerned, is probably better served participating in other sports during the off season.

He has the goalies for about half goalke our practice. What one coach believes as a basic tenet of goaltending at one goalie school may not even be on the radar at another.