KARAITE ANTHOLOGY Excerpts from the Early Literature TRANSLATED FROM ARABIC, ARAMAIC, AND HEBREW SOURCES WITH NOTES BY LEON. Karaite Anthology. Edited and translated by Le. Yale University Press. Pp. xxvi, (Yale Judaica Series. Volume vii). This book marks the first attempt in. Results 1 – 30 of 39 Karaite Anthology: Excerpts from the Early Literature by Nemoy, Leon (ed.0 and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

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We must ajthology treat the precepts with reverence, as it is written: Up to this time the Antholoby had succeeded in maintaining an amicable relationship with their Rabbanite neighbors, and the failure of the schismatics to gain any appreciable number of converts encouraged the Rabbanite authorities karqite their belief that the wisest, as well as the easiest, course was to leave them alone. Fate was not kind to al-ICu’kisanl. As for the words unto God, they mean that the litigants should go to the men who engage in the work of God, as it is written: Thou shah come to the priests, the Levites, and to the judge.

You have refrained from following the praiseworthy laws of the Gentiles, yet have followed those that are wicked, as it is written: Whether Sa’adiah was too busy with other matters or regarded It beneath his dignity to notice a young and little-known schismatic, he seems to have made no reference to Salmon in his works.

Catalog Record: Karaite anthology, excerpts from the early literature | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Nor do we pass judgments relating to mayhem, since it is written: Some of our scholars hold that he made these two golden calves merely as a substitute for the two cherubim, and this opinion is not improbable, since in everything which Jeroboam had done in deviation anthopogy the Law his purpose was merely to imitate and duplicate that which is ordained in it. As for money and property belonging to the wife and not re- corded in her marriage contract as her dowry to her husband, the husband has the use of the karalte thereof, but the principal re- mains hers and she may give it away to whomsoever she chooses.

The wife may not, however, make gifts or sales out of both kinds of such property without her husband’s permission. He left his native land and possibly after a sojourn m the neighboring province of Xurasan – moved to Jerusalem, where he presumably remained until his death. A firm believer in the use of reason in theology and jurisprudence, he wrote with a clarity and logic few of his contemporaries could approach, and his erudition in both theological and secular matters endowed his opinions with an impressive basis of factual support.

And certain things came to pass between me and her, and I have written for her this writ of divorcement, and I have placed anfhology m her hand and have sent her away from my house. UMISI 33 birds until we shall have learned the precise meaning of these names of forbidden birds. And It IS probable that it happened in the time of Tola, the son of Puah, and his contemporaries, before the days of Jephthah, the Gileadite, since Boaz belonged to the third generation after Nahshon, and King David belonged to the fourth generation after Boaz.


Moreover, as has been noted above, the Karaites borrowed much from the Talmud and devel- oped a similar oral tradition of their own.

Catalog Record: Karaite anthology, excerpts from the early | Hathi Trust Digital Library

What, then, is the matter with you, our brethren in Israel, that you are not doing anthollogy as much as is the custom of the Gentiles in coming to Jerusalem and praying there, as it is written: This IS especially true of the legal texts; the Rabbamte references and paral- lels supplied for them are meant to be mere hmts for the benefit of the reader who may wish to pursue the subject further.

In short, we must treat him as if he were anthollgy. Wolfson have read, respectively, the first four chapters karaire the Introduction, and have contributed, with their customary generosity, a number of important corrections and suggestions.

Unlike Anan, who wrote, so far as we know, only in Aramaic, and unlike his own successors, who wrote mostly in Arabic, Ben- I.

Consider now, what could he have discoursed about, as regards all these things, if not in the way of describing their natural properties and causes, their beneficial and harmful qualities, and similar matters?

As for other rules, which are observed and recorded by the Rabbanites and for which I could find no pertinent biblical verse, I have written them down also, so that you might observe them likewise if you so desire.

Why, then, did you write it down in ornate script? An heirloom for anthopogy congregation of the seed of the per- fect ones. While the commandments of the other were kept upon the tongue. The po- litical and economic decay of the Persian Empire during the sixth and seventh centuries intensified the rnisciy of this major com- ponent of the Jewish community and produced in many minds anthologt conviction that their situation was despciatc and could not be en- dured very much longer.

Even his Arabic-speaking contemporaries and successors seem to have been indifferent toward him, although they occasionally mentioned and quoted him with fair respect.

Next to it in rank is a small booklet karaiite the Book of Yaddu’a, also a fine work. Because the marks of unclean beasts differ from those of clean beasts, whereas the mark of many a clean bird is like that of an unclean one; antholoogy is why He listed the unclean birds by their names, and not by their marks.

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Nothing more is known about his life. Nor the Law of Moses the Wise. Yet both are an abomination in the sight of the Lord.

For this IS so in the wisdom of all mankind. In- deed, he IS said to be the author of an aphorism to the effect that each person may be guided by his own judgment and is not obliged to defer to the views of commonly acknowledged authori- ties; but this IS piobably without antnology foundation. Reinforced, clad, enveloped, and robed With proofs as solid as onyx and sapphire.

When one man waxes angry with another, does not the latter come to the former as suppliant?

Toward the end of his life, for some unknown reason, he is said to have moved to Aleppo, Syria, where he died. The account of his arrest seems inexplicable because his secession from the Rabbanite synagogue was not a crime according to Moslem law, and other Jewish anthklogy of that period are known to have remained unmolested by the Mohammedan and Rabbanite authorities alike. Every conclusion arrived at by the use of reason or obtained through research or demanded by logical proof he readily accepted.

Another example is the passage. The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters Prov. This is a powerful proof of the baselessness of their claim, and a silencer for their insolence. His teaching shows that he was diligent in following the biblical text stiictly, as well as in making deductions from it or from the results of inference based upon two premises and a conclusion, the latter being a method inter- mediate between that of pure analogy and that of strict adherence to the biblical text.

If he has reserved any- thing for himself, however, to the effect anghology if he should recover it is to remain in his possession, he cannot retract his donation, and his gift remains a gift in perpetuity, whether he dies or re- 26 KARAITE ANTHOLOGY covers, inasmuch as the reservation proves that he had made the gift not solely because of his expected death.

One born illegitimately is called born outside, referring to atnhology verse: However, the Karaites, like the Rabbamtes, were obliged to submit in civil and criminal matters to the legislation of the country in which znthology resided, whether Mohammedan or Christian, and both acknowl- edged It as binding upon themselves. The same applies to all matters of this sort. Upon feeling the approach of death, he is said to have commanded his followers to inscribe upon his tomb the words: Their words have become void and meaningless.