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Find the most up-to-date version of JIS Z at Engineering JIS Z Methods of radiographic examination for welded joints in steel ( FOREIGN STANDARD). standard by Japanese Industrial. Home ยท Documents; JIS Japanese Industrial Standard – JIS Z – Radiographic Examination for Weld Joints in Steel.

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Information of flaw’s height, spreading along to wall thickness direction can be got. Careful application according to a test procedure is required for getting proper test results. Weak Point Surface condition is affected to test results.

JIS Z 3104:1995 English Edition

Methods of Radiographic examination for welded joints in steel. Discontinuities with several direction can be detected at once. Magnetizing with perpendicular two direction is necessary for detection of each discontinuity. Video Scope Video Scope. Close Go to Workspace. Revised standard, JIS Z Required to remove 314 coating and foreign material inside a flaw completely before testing.


Methods of Radiographic examination for welded joints in stee..|INIS

Non-relevant signal and noise are disturbed evaluation. Not disturbed to the thickness of thicker subjects. Magnetic field is made by Electric AC Yoke.

Internal Rotary Inspection System IRIS Jiis transducer inserted into a tube can read the degree wall thickness via a rotating mirror attached to water turbine that is worked by pressure 310.

ET Advantage High speed test is available. Javascript must be enabled for narrowing. Not applicable to fillet weld to top Test is applied on ferromagnetic materials only. High speed test is available.

Most economical method for tube inspection of a heat exchanger to detect local corrosion and erosion. The constitution of the standard is explained. Easy for evaluating the kind of discontinuity from test results.

Weak Point Required to remove the coating and foreign material inside a flaw completely before testing. Easy for detecting a plain type discontinuity. At last, this revised standard was instituted on February 1, by investigating the present status in Japan and jiw countries by the cooperation of the related organizations and experts, and considering the compatibility with the international standards, based on the WES standards which are enumerated.


Publication Year Publication Year. This is a method to send ultrasounds to the tested surface and receive the signal of 3140 flaws by a Normal transducer positioned perpendicular.

V Magnetic Particle Testing: Results 1 – 1 of 1. Accessibility for both side of test object is required.

Sectional drawing for corroded area and longitudinal location of such corrosion can get visibly on CRT.

For this test, the electromagnetic phenomenon is used and any coupling medium is not necessary. Looks like Javascript is disabled on your browser. Test result is remained as persuasive record. Cost for testing is lower ijs other methods. A magnified and visible indication that was built up with magnetic particle in magnetic flux leakage can be detected easily.