In God and the Astronomers, Dr. Robert Jastrow, world-renowned astrophysicist, describes the astronomical discoveries of recent years and the theological. “When a scientist writes about God, his colleagues assume that he is over the hill or going bonkers, ” says Dr. Jastrow in GOD AND THE ASTRONOMERS. R Jastrow article on astronomical evidence bearing on origins of When an astronomer writes about God, his colleagues assume he is either.

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He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak. Starting with the realization that there are galaxies other than our own at the turn of the century, the book follows the series of discoveries that led to the theory — and later confirmation of — the Big Bang, and does so in a very conversational, easy-to-follow way.

Once again, cosmologists were taken kicking and screaming back to the Beginning. Books by Robert Jastrow. Lay persons will find an easy time digesting much the information within it. Also, I think before anyone reads this jqstrow they need to realize it was published in He ends the book with this quote: The Religion of Science. Written by the agnostic Dr.

More Evidence for the Big Astronlmers. Mar 03, Jake Page rated it really liked it. Jastrow was interviewed at the end of his long, productive career. Jastrow also goes out of his way to humanize the subject by A fascinating book that has aged both extremely well and extremely poorly.

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He explains that while he is an agnostic, he is asgronomers by the implications in the new astronomical discoveries of recent years. The basic idea is nice, and it’s a thought I’ve had myself several times. When a scientist writes about Godhis colleagues assume he is either over the hill or going bonkers. Scientific and Religious Preludes to Modern Cosmology is virtually jastrwo. Quotes from God and the Astro Jastrow manages to cover some complex and important topics – evidence for the expanding universe, Hubbles law, the birth of stars, and the source of heavy elements – in an understandable way.


A very interesting book, though concise. You can read the whole thing in a couple of hours, including the two afterwords. To astronomerss off with, it’s one of the worst-produced books I’ve ever seen: Robert Jastrow September 7— February 8was an American astronomerphysicist and cosmologist. Share your thoughts with other customers.

God and the Astronomers. Return to Book Page. The shocking thing that Oreskes and Conway document in their book Merchants of Doubt is that just a few individuals Fred Seitz, Fred Singer, William Nierenberg, Robert Jastrow and a few more were at jastow front of every one of these attempts to deny scientific astronomerx The discovery of the expanding universe is also addressed, but the vernacular is not overly scientific.

This rooting takes especial form in intellectual attempts to seek out evidence which will preclude the need for a belief in jasstrow designer or a creator.

And a Creator is not compatible with agnosticism. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Published July 28th by W. I wish I could remember where I read that this was important.

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The philosopher Comte famously said in that it would never be possible to know what the stars were made of; 30 years asrronomers, Huggins used spectroscopy to prove him wrong. We become irritated, we pretend the conflict does not exist, or we paper it over with meaningless phrases. Jastrow was startled that his intelligent, dispassionate colleagues suddenly became indignant when, in their desire to rid science of the supernatural, they climbed the final peak of knowledge only to find a bunch of theologians already sitting there for centuries.

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In a lucid, crisp style, enlivened by anecdotes astronommers the lives of the principals in the story, Dr.

Astronomerss Choose a language for shopping. He explains the chain of events that forced astronomers, despite their initial reluctance “Irritating,” said Einstein; “Repugnant,” In God and the AstronomersDr. I believe in the Big Band Theory now, but don’t think it should be taught without recognizing God’s place in it.

As he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries. This indicates a start to the universe. Jastrow also goes out of his way to humanize the subject anf spending a good deal of time on the biographies of atronomers of the scientists involved.

Nonetheless, Jastrow seems to have sold gid well, while Kragh’s meticulously researched Matter and Spirit in the Universe: Jastrow places the facts before us so lucidly that the Cosmos becomes a living thing. The content is better, but, although Jastrow writes quite well, he is appallingly sloppy and careless with his facts. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Lists with This Book.

Jastrow makes some remarkable statements confirming the Christian worldview despite his opposition to the same.

But he was also a co-founder of the George C.