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The former is the plural form of the verb and the latter is its imperative form. So forceful is the device of prophethood that it makes the Prophet ascend the dignity of God Himself; the more he denies to be Divine, the less he is believed to be human!

One should also note that there is hardly any annotation of the Koran, which has been possible without referring to the contents of the Bible itself. These miracles, including many more, took place because it is claimed that Muhammad was a prophet before birth. This is the reason that all four 56 members of the Caliphate that succeeded him, were matrimonially related to him. The amazing narrative it contains, shows that a prophet is human, and his exalted moral status is more a matter of faith then fact: The purpose of this exercise is to seek dominance by manipulating people’s votes.

One can call it the expression of the 33 law of jungle based on the aphorism: If he does not do so then it implies: Only a politician could ignore it to suit his convenience. Small wonder that Allah has receded into the background, making Muhammad the greatest Idol of all times. Ask pardon for them, or ask not pardon for them; if you askest pardon for them seventy times, God will not pardon them.

While he the Holy Prophet slept with Aisha, he stretched his hand towards her Zainab to hold it, where upon she Aisha said out of curiosity: This is why the Western scholars have remarked that the Koran has been written “back to 59 front.

The truth is that he possessed more consummate political skills than any of his predecessors. It cannot be a Divine approach because the God who is so desperate for gaining devotees by such sadistic ploys, lacks the dignity behaving his lofty station.


What kind of law is this? It is a matter of common observation that whatever man does, he does out of fear or to gain favour. The true God is too great to concern himself with the prayers or curses of man.

Since all Egyptians died like other humans, they showed special reverence to their pharaoh, who also happened to be shaihk ruler in the world-to-come. This is something that a dominant person dislikes the same way as a dog hates a cat and a cat hates a rat.

Islam, has divided humankind into two perpetually hostile groups i. Edited by Bj, S. The fact that we find mighty conquerors towering over the palace of history, is owing to the urge of dominance, which prompted them to exploit the human instinct of fear.

Small wonder that the Muslims assert: Imperialiam a result, the Prophet, who apparently claims to be God’s most humble servant, rises as the dominant force in God-Prophet relationship. imperialims

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The cornerstone of this political stratagem known as Prophethood is, that God as an act of mercy sends guidance to people so that they can avoid hell to quality for paradise.

He subsequently adopted the name Anirudh Gyan Shikha. Abdullah bin Ubayy listened to him quietly and then remarked: Since four-fifths of humankind is still non-Muslim, and hence unbelievers, Allah obviously is more active in the field of misguidance than guidance.

The most effective way of securing dominance is by arousing someone’s fear.

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I am referring to his treatment of Ishmael, his other son, from Sarah’s maidservant, called Hagar. The above text may imperoalism reposted, forwarded, or translated so long as it is presented as an integral whole jslam complete information about its author, date, place of publication, as well as the original URL.

The song of Solomon gives us a glimpse of his romantic nature: It should also be remembered that, according to the Muslim scholars, there are some fifty occasions when Omar’s thoughts, opinions and imperialissm were confirmed by Allah in His revelations and afterwards formed part of the Koran, yet Muslims insist that this is a book from Allah, who admits no associates in anything He does!

If a houri looks down from her abode in heaven onto the earth, the whole distance shall be filled with light and fragrance Translations of this item: He was bom through exactly the same physical process as other humans and enjoyed a normal span of life.


Of course, they were haughty and powerful but they caught the disease of divinity in Egypt where every Pharaoh was believed to be the incarnation of God. In arranging this marriage, the Prophet played the role of a father, as prescribed by the Eastern tradition.

Murder is the most heinous thing and a detestable crime against morality. It goes without saying that Muhammad used to visit Kaaba for the same purpose as did his family members, who were pagans, and are roasting in hell for their disbelief His fatherly uncle, Abu Talib, according to Hadith no.

Islam: The Arab Imperialism

They hypocrites are the enemy; so beware of them. Reaching his destination, when he told Sa’d bin Obada what had happened, Sa’d replied: If we take off spectacles of faith and look at the life of Muhammad, we realise that he was a human because like all other mortals, he felt hungry and thirsty; both cold and hot affected him; he had human passions, experienced delight and disgust, desired women and made love to them, fell ill and needed medication.

Noah lived years. Thus, the old tribal feuds of the Aus and Khazraj Abdullah bin Ubayy’s tribe began to subside owing to their newly found religious fervour. This is the distinction between an inanimate and animate: It did not happen to Muhammad until he was forty when he claimed to have received his first revelation from Allah.

This becomes quite clear when read in conjunction with the preceeding note 1. The faithful hold that it was a way of purifying David. However, the commentator in note islqm His love of non-Jewish women made him discard God and openly rebel against Him; “his wives turned away his heart after other gods,” and he built temples to Chemosh and Molech, the foreign deities to please his wives and concubines.

He was appointed as viceroy by God to rule people justly. It is this lofty national stature of David, imperilaism prompted the writers of the New Testament to treat him as the progenitor of Jesus.