Intimate Issues answers the twenty-one questions about sex most frequently asked by Christian wives, as determined by a nationwide poll of over one thousand. Intimate Issues answers the twenty-one questions about sex most frequently asked by .. Written with compassion, humor, and understanding, Linda Dillow and. What does God think about sex? Can you be godly and sensuous? How do you recapture the passion in your marriage? With warmth, wisdom, and candor.

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I appreciate their hard work to compile a comprehensive book about sex that is biblical, appropriate, and God-glorifying. Linda’s newest adventure is a new ministry that she started with Dr. This book was recommended to me by a friend as something I should read before getting married.

Something I really like about this author is that she seems to write Christianity in a way that seems both modern and relevant, and not at all stuffy.

Intimate Issues: 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex

The book is about 21 questions Christian women ask about sex. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If you’ve got questions that have gone unanswered, want more intimacy with your spouse, or feel ashamed of your past sexual life, this is the book for you!

I think one of the problems I face as a Christian is a loneliness, like how you make Christianity pervasive in your life without potentially driving other people away or causing them to take every single imtimate opportunity to point out your inevitable hypocrisy?

I also challenge you to talk about what you’ve read in this book with your husband.

Creative and not shy at all about a subject that is either not spoken of or blasted from your tv set every day. Well, that part covered some of the less pleasant things–past sexual sins, abortion, abuse, etc– and I read them all. A few minutes later she said she felt better. I think this is a book for any woman, whether her intimacy factor with her husband is where they want it or whether she feels intimacy could be improved.

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Pain clouds your vision. I think they might have gone a little eillow deeply into the spiritual aspect of sex, but just a few sentences which make me raise my eyebrows? They deal with heavy topics such as pornography and the affect of abortion, to recapturing passion, and what’s not okay in the marriage bed. The narration wasn’t my favorite. Jul 15, Verone rated it it was amazing. With warmth and wisdom, authors Fillow Dillow and Lorraine Pintus speak woman to woman: Am I really so terrible to look at?

Jan 13, Pages Buy.

The suggested prayers were powerful and on target based on what the chapter was I think this is a book for any woman, whether her intimacy factor with her husband is where they want it or whether she feels intimacy could be improved.

Jan 13, Pages.

Intimate Issues by Linda Dillow, Lorraine Pintus | : Books

Intimate Issues includes a 12 week Bible study that can be used for personal growth or in a small group setting.

Looking for More Great Reads? The Biblical verses selected to go with each idea enhanced the book so much, and not in a preachy, condescending way. Specific, practical, and scriptural, it may have more potential than any new work I have read in recent years.

I respect the author’s attempt at bringing up taboo topics within the church but wish we still didn’t carry such a shameful iintimate to sex in general. Definitely a keeper, part of a well furnished library.

Intimate Issues : Conversations Woman to Woman : 21 Questions Women Ask about Sex

The authors start off by building a foundational understanding of what sex is and what God thinks about it as found in Scripture. It is grounded in Scripture, but draws from real experiences and is honest and real about issues that we all deal with Trivia About Intimate Issues: About Lorraine Pintus Lorraine Pintus is a freelance writer, conference speaker, Bible teacher and ministry worker. The book covers a fairly broad spectrum of issues, so it would be especially helpful for those with painful sexual experiences in their past.

I thank the authors for all the time, love and sharing of personal stories that went into this book, and believe that anyone who reads it with an open heart for changing herself will benefit.

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Intimate Issues : Linda Dillow :

No comparing yourself with other women. Other than some of the unanswered questions I rather enjoyed this book. We should eat right, exercise, discover dressing, makeup and hairstyles that honor God and please our husbands. I will definitely be using this as a great reference tool for our couples. This book has opened some lines of communication within my marriage and improved the quality of my marriage which was already great!

The answers to the questions are based on scripture and what questions 1, women wanted to ask about sexual relationships between a husband and wife. Sex is super fun and awesome and there’s nothing shameful about it in the right, safe contexts, I just wish we as a culture of mature Christians could speak about it more freely, openly and honestly and bring a I’m happy anytime I can find any Christian literature on sex and the naughty bits of intimacy that we seem to shy away from as a culture.

Do you question your femininity, your sexuality? With society’s view of sex, women need to know what God has to say about the issue.

God created it and it is good.

Beating yourself up is pointless and nonproductive. You only know you want the beating to stop. Dec 01, Anne West rated it it was amazing. The topic of sex is probably on intimwte top of that list. Written with compassion, humor, and understanding, Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus answer every married couples’ burning questions about what is appropriate and acceptable in diplow marriage bed.

The book truly opened my eyes to the beauty of God’s plan for intimacy between a husband and wife. For those who desire to become more like Christ in every area of their life this is a “must read”.