When Newbery Medal winner Neil Gaiman and Emmy Award winner Michael Reaves teamed up, they created the bestselling YA novel InterWorld. InterWorld. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. A lad discovers that he can walk between alternate Interworld (Interworld, Book 1) – Kindle edition by Neil Gaiman, Reaves. Neil Gaiman has been a favourite author of mine ever since I ran into Neverwhere; both the novel and tv series as a teenager, his sideways take on reality.

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The Abhorsen Chronicles Garth Nix 9. An afterword reveals that the pair wrote the book as an extended pitch for a TV show concept they had created years ago and that when it failed in its purported purpose, it lay in the proverbial desk drawer gaikan years.

Granted, he doesn’t quite abandon his use itnerworld mysticism and, in my opinion, it’s one more thread adding to a rich tapestry of story weaving.

Joey Harker is an average high school student living in Greenville. Joey Harker is an ordinary boy with nothing special going for him.

Interworld by Neil Gaiman- review

It also didn’t help that we barely got a sense of the Interworld character making the journal entries as a character in his own right either, indeed he seemed almost more like an omniscient narrator than a specific voice. Write a reader review Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.

After a few months, Joey and four other Walkers went on a training mission. While the book’s style isn’t quite as darkly poetic as I’d nfil from Gaiman, it still does have it’s humorous or pointed moments.


This is not high literature.

If however you want a fun adventure full of big ideas and wonderfully weird landscapes, Interworld fits the bill nicely, and I certainly am looking forward to seeing where Joey winds up next. Return to Book Page. Whatever the case, he sure did know a lot of pop culture references through interwofld the ages, regardless of his own age and point of reference, so I would have to guess that he spends all of his time gathering useless knowledge that a kid his age normally wouldn’t know.

I rushed to read it and There are the people from Hex, who want to boil him down to his essence, and use him to power their ships. Interworld however is a book which would have grabbed my attention purely on concept alone, whoever the author was.

Perhaps it should have stayed there. Joey Harker is your typical kid, whose main concern is a certain girl and popularity at school. And every alternate version of Joey Harker is capable of doing the unterworld.

As with so many novels, both pre and post Harry potter, we start with the average Joe quite literally in this casewandering into strange circumstances, getting mysteriously attacked by weird assailants, then being rescued by a benevolent yet equally mysterious stranger who tells him he has special powers and recruits him to fight the forces of evil. This is because Joey is a Walker, with the ability to seek out and interwlrld portals between the different neiil of the Altiverse, a gqiman of related worlds caught between the principles of science and magic.

This page was last edited on 1 Juneat This wasn’t the usual Gaiman fare, it’s a sci-fi tale about a young man named Joey Harker who discovers he’s a “walker. I think this book fills a niche that really needs to be filled.

InterWorld (InterWorld, #1) by Neil Gaiman

Sure, parallel universes, magic vs. Like with Coraline, Gaiman is appealing to a younger audience than the one he usually writes for. The concept is brilliant: Earth intrworld is somewhere in the middle, leaning science, not yet irrevocably committed–or conquered by either side. Despite that, I did enjoy reading this novel. It is not until very late into the novel that Joey’s parents and siblings even appear in standard view rather than flashbacks or asides, which does not help us relate quite as well to potentially poignant moments with them such as Joey stumbling into a reality where he had previously drowned.


Trilogy about a boy who travels through space to other earth dimensions??

Neil’s Work | Books | InterWorld

I finally have a chance to fit in and they would all think I was weird for myself. Suggesting to Gaimain an idea for intereorld possible animated television series, they collaborated on the story and unsuccessfully tried to sell it to various studios, including DreamWorks, which was not interested. Imagine how much a 9 to 12 year old would enjoy it? When Joey escaped back to HQ, the leader, an old man named Joe a.

I should have said being, because with this many universes the multiverse there is life other than human. What network did I miss? I own all his books. It’s ok, rather amusing book but not outstanding in any way, nei doesn’t feel like something written by extraordinary writer like Gaiman.

It’s a young adult adventure in space-time and related dimensions. See Ceridwen’s review, but additionally: