Infernites MAX (1) · Infernites MAX (2) · Infernites MAX (3) · Infernites MAX (4) · Infernites MAX (5) · Infernites MAX (6) · Infernites MAX (7) · Infernites MAX (8). The Infernites Max is a Max that made its debut in Mixel Moon Madness. Overall, this Max Instructions are available on the LEGO website downloads page. Infernites Max is a Mixels combiner model released in It is built from the sets Instructions · Infernites Max on Retrieved from.

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By lloki1 in United States, 28 Feb Please make it nicely obvious if you do. A mixels building comp would be great. No discussion on LEGO vs. I agree that you should do that as a competition. By Aanchir in United States, 28 Feb Video Game show only. Check out the Episode 1 below Announced earlier this year, I was very intrigued by the new theme which revolves around these bizarre and colourful characters belonging to different elemental tribes. I built all three maxes last night and was quite disappointed with the HUGE amount of spares for all three.

Each Mixel bag contains an instruction booklet, and a small bag of parts to construct your Mixel character with. Add a photo to this gallery.

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Infernites MAX Viewer

Series 1 featuring the first 3 tribes, the Infernites RedCragsters Greyand Electroids Yellow and was released in Australia a couple of months ago. His eye is similar to one of Burnard’s eyes with dark gray eye holder and the tail is similar to Meltus ‘.

To celebrate their official launch tomorrow, I’ve built all three and taken a few photos for you. I’ve made my own and even drawn cartoon illustrations of them based off the TV Series style. The Electroids Max is cool as well, but the back of his head makes him seem a bit instructiins ideal to me than he looked in some earlier photos.

After being abducted by the Orbitonsthe Infernites Maxed in retaliation, only to soon make friends with the Orbitons. I’ve yet to buy the cragsters tribebut will get them tomorrow thanks to these pics. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Mod Announcement show only. By Bumblepants in Bulgaria, 28 Feb Or click right button to only see posts with that flair.

Meet the ‘Max’ Mixels | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

Stay tuned for my review of the next 2 tribes in Series 1, the Cragsters and Electroids! Jay is passionate about LEGO and the endless creative adventures made possible by this complex interlocking brick system.

By rollabar in United States, 28 Feb The electric one is awesome but I don’t think I can push myself to but another full set to build the maxes, I think a competition would be a great idea.


Search before asking a question. The arms are a bit too skinny and it just overall doesn’t really appeal to me Vulk is a stocky little Infernite cyclops that looks pretty tough and sassy.

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As I mentioned in the reviews of the Instrucions sets last instruxtions, LEGO provides downloadable instructions for a number of combination models, including the ‘Max’ models built using parts from all three sets of the tribes. By Peter in Netherlands, 28 Feb I would have rather just started building my very own Mixels out of the parts than follow the instructions. He has a mouth with seven teeth; four on top and three on the bottom, gray arms red in LEGO form with cubical arms with two shades of red on the middle, orange base, and a smaller cube at the infegnites.

You can find the instructions to create Infernite Max here. The more I see of these guys the more I like them, I hope they’re a huge success. I cannot recommend the Mixels theme enough.

Build In Bag show only.