Bristling with intelligence and shimmering with romance, this novel tests the boundary between history and myth. Patrick Lewis arrives in Toronto in the s . Bristling with intelligence and shimmering with romance, this novel tests the boundary between history and myth. Patrick Lewis arrives in Toronto in the. Anne Enright first read Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion as a creative writing student. Beautiful and highly contagious, it seems to do.

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While it has great writing, the plot has no sympathetic characters, and metaphors and similes get tiring after awhile. Return to Book Page.

In the Skin of a Lion – Wikipedia

It is located in the epigraph as “I will let my hair grow long for your sake, I will wander through the wilderness in the skin of a lion,” liin the theme of converging voices re-telling history.

Patrick Lewis arrives in Toronto in the s and earns his living searching for a vanished millionaire and tunneling beneath Lake Ontario.

The scene has some of the hypnagogic strangeness of all false falls: No mention is made of the size of her wimple or the ballooning of her skirts, but it must be her clothes that catch the wind. As a young boy in Depot Creek, Ontario, Patrick watches the loggers arrive in town in the winter, work in the mills in the other seasons, and skate on the frozen river. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately I’m not obliged to write a review about it since I only read it for school.


In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje

Clara Dickens is the lover of the disappeared millionaire Ambrose Small. It does demand attention. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If I’m not familiar with those oof characters’, will I be lost?

The fallen nun

Goss, Michael Ondaatje and the Imag in ing of Toronto”. I was on the creative writing course, and by the spring term I was living almost entirely by night, watching the other lights go out and come back on, sometime before dawn. It works on that same inaccessible part of my brain as the nun’s plummet from the uncompleted bridge. liob

There were moments of beauty and visual acuity, but more often there were moments of muddlesome bemusement. Patrick’s father, Hazen Lewis becomes a dynamiter and is meticulous when washing his clothes each evening to remove remnants of explosives on his apparel. In it we learn about the two characters Hana and Caravaggio. Journal of Canadian Studies. I loved the writing, and I managed to read it fairly quickly, but overall I wasn’t too invested in the characters and plot. Nicholas Temelcoff, a Macedonian immigrant worker on the bridge, saves the nun who fell off the bridge, dislocating his arm.

As readers, we are there in the construction of the bridge, alongside immigrant labor.

History often fails to give immigrants the merit they are due. View all 32 comments. Patrick travels by train, north of Huntsvillethen takes a steamer to a Muskoka hotel frequented by ondaatue rich. It seems to do impossible things. Many goodreads reviewers describe this book as one of their favorites. Patrick awakes and goes with Hana to retrieve Clara.

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Patrick escapes sikn his hotel room and is visited by Clara, who dresses his wounds and makes love to him before returning to Small. In the Skin of a Lion Vintage International. I didn’t take to this book. Patrick begins to learn, from their stories, the history of the city itself. The novel looks at Toronto in the beginning of the 20th century–the building of the Prince Edward Viaduct and the R.

He has taken the known and the unknown and woven the two into a fictional tale. Jun 07, graycastle rated it really liked it Shelves: Caravaggio enters the cottage of a woman whom he met on the lake and calls his wife to let her know he’s all right.

In the Skin of a Lion

We follow Patrick through his adventures, struggles and transformations which blend with the indaatje of the workers and the history of Toronto and its landmarks. A nun is blown off an unfinished bridge in Toronto, one night in the early 20th century.

Two women playfully, and im, wrestling together is another scene I will not forget. I love it even though it is so bad for me. Like Gloucester flinging himself off a cliff that isn’t there, on his way to Dover, the effect of it is hard to describe, although the mechanics seem quite clear.