IN THE PRESENCE OF MY ENEMIES. Gracia Burnham, Author, Dean Merrill, Joint Author, Dean Merrill, With with Dean Merrill. Tyndale $ (p) ISBN. In the Presence of My EnemiesIn the Presence of My Enemies, the gripping true story of American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham’s. [PDF] Download PDF DOWNLOAD In the Presence of My Enemies By – Gracia Burnham Online Ebook Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at.

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In addition, I really liked how Gracia Burnham incorporated Philippine words in the text because it added to the authenticity and it was also fun to learn new words.

In the Presence of My Enemies – Gracia Burnham, Dean Merrill – Google Books

Quotes from In the Presence o Readers will likely be tearful of the moment in the book when her husband is killed—and her final rescue. My only complaint came in the last chapter. I actually relate presenxe this story rather strongly, because in some respects it resembles my own.

I really enjoyed reading the riveting and inspiring book In the Presence of My Enemies. She was also honest about how she felt about the terrorist, and quite understandably.

In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham

Bring her on and let her scream. I got to hear Gracia speak after she published her book and got my book autographed. Aside, of course, from the news articles and broadcasts, this memoir is the most popular account of the Abu Sayaff kidnapping in the Philippines. At the end when they are “rescued” you will be crying. What will impress them is genuine love in our hearts.

The rest of the book proceeds in chronological order from the night of their capture. She has a real heart of compassion for the men who took her and her husband captive. Or would the real me shine right through?

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Gracia Burnham was rescued and reunited with her family. America’s First Modern Hostage Crisis. Paperbackpages. The version I’d thought good was very similar to what we have in Gracia’s story: Clearly, their captors have some screws loose. Oct 03, Joel Arnold rated it liked it. Bunham don’t want to be overly critical, because at times the telling is effective especially toward the endbut unfortunately there’s a sense that it could have been much better.

In the Presence of My Enemies, has had a huge impact on my life and perspective.

In the Presence of My Enemies

The author provides interesting insight into this small but radical and powerful terrorist group. This true story stays with the reader long after the book is finished, and drives us to love one another more.

The book also offers insight into the minds of Islamic terrorists, which I found both fascinating and disturbing. Ultimately, Gracia’s ability to maintain her faith is amazing. Her faith made that possible. Along the way, most of the hostages are ransomed, some more hostages get captured, several of the hostages manage to escape, and a few unfortunate hostages are killed, either intentionally by the Abu Sayyaf or as innocent victims in gunfights between the Abu Eneemies and the Philippine National Army.

It makes the conclusion all the sadder to read. And yet they not only act on their confident grasp of its message but also impose their actions on others.

Eenemies to Book Page. Want to Read saving…. Gracia’s testimony really helps me to have a proper view of how rpesence deal with trials I experience. If all my life’s luxuries were stripped away, everything I take for granted and everything I didn’t even know I took for granted was stripped away, what kind of person would I be? I was partially wrong. Her husband was killed during the raid by the Armed Forces of the Philippines that finally freed and for some, killed the hostages.


At first I was a bit reticent to get into this book, expecting “just another missionary story. Remarkable, heart wrenching, compelling, hopeful. In a botched rescue attempt, the Philippine army shot and killed Martin Burnham and Ediborah Yap, a nurse who was the other remaining hostage. And the final chapters – like an overlong and contrived evangelical sermon trying to shoehorn in messages of poor theological quality – are just on.

The Gracia Burnham Collection: In the Presence of My Enemies / To Fly Again

As mentioned above, I liked the way the conclusion is told. With co-author Dean Merrill, who probably helped smooth over the rough parts of the narrative, Gracia recounts the suddenness by which she and her husband were taken from their hotel room, a hut on stilts above the ocean, along with others from the resort, and immediately held captive on a fishing boat that was used as the getaway.

I’m wondering if she said, or thought, something along the lines of “If you don’t like me crying you don’t have to keep me here.

We see the interaction of the various members of the group and the methods they employ to draft soldiers to their cause and to take more hostages.

Although compassion was shown At first I was a bit reticent to get into this book, expecting “just another missionary story. In the end, Gracia is rescued but her husband is killed. From the outset, she knew that her mission’s policy was not to pay a ransom, as it might only encourage more kidnappings and finance terrorism.