In this article, Bolter and Grusin aim to trace these histories of immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation: We will begin by showing how the. In chapter one of this text, the authors discuss immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation. Fittingly, they offer the disclaimer that they make no. Bolter, J. D., & Grusin, R. (). “Immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation.” In Remediation: Understanding new media. Cambridge: The.

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The first section of the paper focuses exclusively on immediacy.

One of the examples they offer here is the desktop metaphor—the little icons lined up in Word signaling sheets of paper, folders, floppy discs, and a printer. So, for instance, Transparent digital applications seek to get to the real by bravely denying the fact of mediation; digital hypermedia seek the real by multiplying mediation so as to create a feeling of fullness, a satiety of experience, which can be taken as reality.

Hypermediacy is comprised of a combination of images and sounds and text and video in order to construct multiple representations within a heterogeneous space Congratulations, you saved my sanity when trying to get through that word vomit text that is the source material.

Each new medium is justified because it fills a lack or repairs a fault in its predecessor, because it fulfills the unkept promise of an older medium.

Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation – Accessing Rhetoric

Hypermediacy is a “style of visual representation whose goal is to remind the viewer of the medium” Bolter and Grusin Email required Address never made public. The logic of immediacy is the idea that technology should closely reflect the real world in order to create a sense of presence Hypermediacy can be defined simply as multiple forms of media combined together in a viewing experience.


Notify me of new comments via email. This makes us wonder: Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation. Mediation is the representation of an object, a formative interface whereby the object of contemplation is structured and presented by some intervening medium my definition. Placed in the context of the online video conversation OVC. Immediacy is the perfection, or erasure, of the gap between signifier and signified, such that a representation is perceived to be the thing itself.

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Bolter, Jay David, and Richard Grusin. This term refers to the idea that all new media and virtually anything can be considered new media at its inception relies on one or more preceding medium, which it refashions or repurposes. The logic of hypermediacy requires the user to recognize the medium as a medium and to desire that mediated experience.

Theme by Anders Noren. Initially, this blog detailed my doctorate and dissertation. Herein lies the paradox: Notify me of new posts by email.

As well, the concept of remediation builds upon both of the first two concepts. This means that conversants may not feel the co-conversant is live, such as with a synchronous Skype or video conference, but clearly, there is the recording of a real person on the screen; it was just filmed at some previous point in time with an identifiable remeviation of the upload.


Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation — Time Barrow

An example here is the move from cinema to television to web, as these different media certainly influence and imkediacy each other without acknowledging that dependence. Transparent immediacy becomes a reaction against the power and function of mediation.

Later on, the examples of renaissance painting and photography are used to illustrate immediacy through transparency. Immediacy is our need to have media that reflects our immediscy as close as possible.

Comment From Robust Note Taking: Once published, I will offer a link on http: The computer always intervenes and make its presence felt in some way, perhaps because th viewer must click on a button or slide a bar to view a whole picture or perhaps because the digital image appears grainy of with untrue colors.

Hypermediacy is an expression of our fascination with the medium itself or some would say anxiety over it. remediatuon

Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation

Bolter and Grusin make the point that these three concepts did not get their start with the digital age. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Immediacy, then, is twofold: Your email address will not be published. It is a consequence of what Kenneth Burke calls “naive verbal realism” whereby the symbol is simply perceived to be a window to the real. Now, it sits, pretty much archived, yet containing much solid info.