zaljubljenih Uuodenje u urt ljubaui. Uvod Hoala Allahu, Gospctdarusoih s’ujetooa . od Donosim najljepicblagosloveiselamen:rnajodabr,rnijcg svihljudi iposlanikr. Ibn Kajjim is the author of Taman Orang-orang Jatuh Cinta dan Memendam Rindu ( avg rating, ratings, Uvođenje zaljubljenih u vrt ljubavi by. Download pdf book by Ibn Kajjim – Free eBooks. Best eBook Deals & Download PDF Uvođenje zaljubljenih u vrt ljubavi by Ibn Kajjim.

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If we consider the age of the most engaged translators, we discover a pretty large gap between ljubaci generations. Though these publishing houses seem to have the necessary resources, they do not show any interest in presenting Arab-Islamic civilization in aspects other than religion. Cvjetovi iz Muhamedove s. On the other hand, Serbian natives are, by definition, unsuitable candidates for such a venture, and they accomplish much better results in translating from Arabic.

Ibn Kajjim ( of Bolest i lijek)

Other publications Apart from literary magazines, there are not many other publications that publish Arabic literature. And not only that, but it seems that these publishing houses started to uvodnenje titles that could be described as Islamic self-help books, written by a modern-day preachers such as Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy and Amr Khaled.

Odgovori na zablude o islamu.

The period is covered by information obtained from the Serbian Republic Institute for Statistics. This is obviously a successful formula of marketing, to give readers a wrong notion that they could peek into the forbidden side of luscious Orientals’ lives.

At-Tarbija al-islamijja wa madrasatu Hasan al-Banna. Bonart, Nova Pazova: Most of the graduates never continued working in the zaljjbljenih of the Arabic language due to the lack of rvt for the profile in the market even if they traveled abroad for practice; 2.

Mitrovic 1 title and numerous articles.

Uvoenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim – [PDF Document]

We must not forget that academic environment is usually the main source of building educated translators, literary and non- literary ones. All of the mentioned publishing houses were among the top publishers of single volume books in according to the relevant lists given by National Library of Serbia.


The most translated authors are Khalil Jubran 32 times, repeated editions includedAmin Maaluf 10 times, repeated editions included uvdjenje, Albert Cossery 3 timesand Fatima Mernissi9 3 times, repeated editions included. Biblija ne spominje Ibrahimovo a. These are all equally important and effective ways to ensure that Arabic literature gets the wider appreciation which it most certainly deserves.

El-Kelimeh is a publishing house situated in Novi Pazar Sanjaq area and it is a zaljubljenh of the Islamic Community administration in Sanjaq. Single volume literary translations via intermediary Translations in the other direction It is difficult to speak of the zaljubljeni and possible reception of zaljunljenih Serbian or Serbo-Croatian literature in the Arab world since the number of translations that we are aware of is indeed small.

Uvođenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

According to the last census inthey represent 1. Unfortunately, statistics does not or cannot show if there had been changes in the quality. Instead the two novels are advertised as simple Oriental trash literature. In our opinion, the first task for Arabic translators and researchers is to provide continuity and steadiness in translating and publishing tempo. Arabic literature researchers and translators should take on a more intense approach and publish articles on the ongoing trends and phenomena in this literature than they did in the past 22 years.

All these ventures should be assisted by concrete cooperation with local and Arab publishing companies, as well as significant local support. It is also fair to mention here that often an English or French translation of an Arabic text allows the publishers to access and read the text themselves, and thus makes them more zaljubljwnih in their choice.


The publishing houses that were included in these lists also represent the mainstream for literary translations in general and have best means for marketing and distribution.

Second reason is that the country faced severe social and political changes. Even though these translations encompass several works of classics like Nobel laureate for the literature in Ivo Andric and famous Yugoslav writer from Bosnia Mehmed Mesa Selimovic, we cannot be pleased with the situation, past or current.

Second, many of the literary single volume books, especially the short stories and the poetry, were quite often first published partially, in literary or other specialized magazines and then as single volumes.

His remarkable translations were published by a small Lebanese publishing house and we are not sure if the books were distributed in the whole Arab world.

In addition to that there are two anthologies of short stories that include large number of contemporary authors from kajjim Arab countries.

Likewise, the Serbian public had the chance to read an artistic description of Cairo by Gamal Ghitany in Cairo throughout years El-Kelimeh, ; Sarajevo: We see that the absolute majority of the publishing houses and magazines that are interested in Arabic literary works are situated in the capital, Belgrade among top publishers in Serbia, Although the poetry in general had been much less translated, another two translated books in this period deserve our attention.

Also, we can only guess what could be the obstacles for such an event — is it the lack of interest of on one or both sides, or is it in the funding issues, or both?