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We do not imply here that only the masterpieces should be translated, but we believe that literary evaluation as well as translation should be left to ljbavi professionals. All the concerned authorities, both on the local level and in the Arab countries, such as ministries of culture and other concerned organizations and parties, should be animated to take on a much more active role in it.

U ime Allaha milostivog samilosnog!

During the 22 years we have covered in this research, 8 years 6 Cf. Since neither the Department nor any other specialized institution still do not offer any specialized professional training for the translators of any kind, let alone those involved in the literary translation, it is necessary to emphasize that all of the translators from Arabic to Serbian were self- taught and self-built, learning the secrets of the trade on the move, which is undoubtedly the most difficult way.

The Prophet ; 2. Biblija govori da je Musa a. Single volume non-literary translations via intermediary There are other indicators that support this assertion. We find it is best to propose here a ternary chronological classification: We are making this supposition for two reasons: Gibran, Braille edition] Though the International Belgrade Book Fair in the third week of every October is by all means the best place for Arab publishers and authors to visit and participate, we have no knowledge if such a visit had ever occurred.

And not just that: Intervju sa Naual el Saadaui: The first direct translation from Arabic was published soon after the German, also in Iblis je u Bibliji prozvan propali andjeo, dok u Kuranu nije. Looking at the translated titles, it is obvious that the translators have been choosing renowned Arab authors for their work. All these ventures should be assisted by concrete cooperation with local and Arab publishing companies, as well as significant local support.

This is obviously a successful formula of marketing, to give readers a wrong notion that they could peek into the forbidden side of luscious Orientals’ lives. The fact that the literary and other sorts of translations are not evaluated as scientific, but as professional work, should not discourage members of the Department in taking on again a much more active role in competent presenting and promoting of the Arabic literature to the Serbian public, through various scientific and professional activities.


Albeit, we must hope that things will change.

The publishing houses that print such single volume books are all situated in the same area and the ksjjim accomplished one, El-Kelimeh, belongs to Islamic Community administration in Sanjaq.

Saadawy, 4th edition] Translations in the other direction It is difficult to speak of the presence and possible reception of the Serbian or Serbo-Croatian literature in the Arab world since the number of translations that we are aware of is indeed small. Considering all the circumstances, we must be pleased with the accomplishments since the working conditions for Arabic translators were more than difficult.

Even though we live in an electronic era, we have not found any data that would indicate that Arabic literary or non-literary translations are published on-line. Inthere was still a language called Serbo-Croatian, a language spoken in Serbia, Croatia, Zaljubljehih, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although the poetry in general had been much less translated, another two translated books in this period deserve our attention. Among all these publishing houses Laguna and Paideia have the largest print runs for Arabic literature written in languages other than Arabic. The translations are classified according to the type of publication.

Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi

It is also fair to mention here that often an English or French translation of an Arabic text allows the publishers to access and read the text themselves, and thus makes them more confident in their choice.

We do not know what the results of these activities were, but we think that advertising is still unexplored and unexploited territory in publishing. Likewise, a proper training can be applied only after one has already mastered the language and not while still struggling with it. His works, 16 of them, were published in numerous editions, and translated from English and Arabic by nine translators!

Da – to nije stroga obaveza muslimanki Da – mi smo evropski muslimani Ne – pravo svakoga je da odabere kako e se oblaciti Ne – to je dio nase tradicije Nemam stav po tom pitanju pollcode. El- Kelimeh, Beograd: These 13 In order to avoid any misunderstandings, translation was always present in the classroom as a teaching method.

Ibn Kajjim ( of Bolest i lijek)

Nowadays, Politika and sometimes Vecernje novosti daily newspaper Evening news occasionaly publish short articles, interviews and reviews, all related to translated Arab authors thus helping their promotion. That problem has influence on book distribution as well. The memoirs of Osama ibn Munqidh, The Book of Learning by Example and provided the readers with a rare opportunity to learn more of the Crusades from Arabic perspective, to get to know something about customs and ways of the Arabs in that period.


If we consider the age of the most engaged translators, we discover a pretty large gap between the generations. We have to notice here that both translators and publishers are quite reluctant to speak of this matter which gives us personally a sense of unnecessary mystification. But, these factors are only external. The most significant attribute of this period was the appearance and development of true founders of Arabic translation.

Uvođenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

And that payment, we are also speaking from our experience, covers everything: This research will, in more or less detail, describe and analyze the state of the affairs since the seventies till present day. Literature on the last page and Oriental Library at the University of Belgrade.

The most effective events and activities are direct visits of the authors but they occur very rarely and the publishers hesitate to organize such occasions. The centralistic founding of cultural institutions actually shows itself as centralistic establishment of culture kajijm activities and culture itself.

It is beyond doubt that most of the uvosjenje publishing companies would be more than willing to take part even in high profile translation projects if supported in the right manner. Third reason is based on our belief that monographs should be the center of our attention since they represent demanding business and work projects and as finished products, in most of the cases, target and reach a larger audience than periodicals, and remain longer on the market.

Two were related to politics and economy We and Europe, ; Conversations with a thinker, and the rest belonged to the fields of history, culture, science and spirituality cf. Most of their translations were published in eminent specialized magazines.

In afore mentioned list, only one person is actively employed there, and one is a retired professor. Biblija je stava da Isa a.