May 19, I have the first diagnosed case of a memory condition that the scientists who have studied me termed hyperthymestic syndrome — the. May 22, Definition. What is Hyperthymesia (hyperthymestic syndrome)?. Hyperthymesia is a word derived from Greek work hyperthymesis meaning. Mar 14, Because her case is the first one of its kind, the researchers have proposed a name for her syndrome – hyperthymestic syndrome, based on the.

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To summarize, figure 2 illustrates the differences and similarities between people whose declarative memory has been significantly enhanced hyperthynestic that have an ASD regardless of whether or not they have an extraordinary declarative memory. The inability to forget anything – and therefore move on with their lives -means that some people find it extremely traumatic to live with this condition.

They’re degrees different from the usual memory champions who can memorize pi to a large degree or other long strings of numbers,” LePort noted.

She describes how one memory triggers another, which in turn triggers another and how she is powerless to stop it: Nevertheless, the mnesic imbalance theory does not suggest that declarative memory has to be above average in individuals with ASD; indeed, an impairment of episodic memory is in accordance with this theory [ 12 ].

The woman who can remember everything

Though I was nervous and even scared about reaching out to the scientific community, the clarification and validation the scientists have given me about how my memory works, and that it is so unusual, has been a source of significant comfort.

They will pop hyperthtmestic my head, maybe triggered by someone mentioning a date or a name, or I’ll hear a song on the radio, and whether I want to return to a particular time or not, my mind is off and running right to that moment. There may be some symptoms not listed above.


hyperthy,estic A handful of Americans have been synvrome with this very rare skill but no cases had been reported in the UK until now. In addition, other features of neurobiological similarity between people with ASD have been observed as well as in those whose declarative memory has been significantly enhanced [ 56 ]. Even those with a high level of hyperthymesia do not remember exactly everything in their lives or have “perfect memory”.

Another version of this test skips providing cues.

Hyperthymestic Syndrome: Extraordinary Memory for Daily Life Events – Wisconsin Medical Society

I just remember it. I know very well how tyrannical the memory can be.

That day of the anniversary, I just think back to what I was doing, what the weather was like, who I was with, and so-and-so. Some studies have found that hyperthymesiacs might have variations in the structure of their brainswhile others argue that it might have behavioral components.

Jill Price, 42, can remember every part of her life since she was 14 but considers her ability a curse as she cannot switch off. Scientists now need to ascertain if and how these brain areas are connected to establish a coherent neurological model for superior autobiographical memory.


I am thirty-four years old and since I was eleven I have had this unbelievable ability to recall my past. For instance, Price can label what day of the week virtually any calendar date fell on. The man who can remember sydrome day of his life in detail”. However, hypertyhmestic chapter has offered arguments against such a view and presented evidence that he had an ASD.

The blue arrows suggest a reciprocal causal interaction among all shared characteristics, whereas one red arrow indicates unidirectional influence and the other one bidirectional influence.

Later S remarked that if he had been asked to memorize the letters of the alphabet arranged in a similar order, then he would have proceeded with it in the same way because he would not have noticed such an arrangement [ 1 ]. It can be concluded that S met items A3a, A3b and A3d from subcriterion A3, however, there is insufficient information to determine whether S had stereotyped and repetitive motor mannerisms item A3c.

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Likewise, S also demonstrated his superior memory through self-paced learning, for instance, he correctly recalled all 20 digits from tables of numbers that he memorized in a mean of Uses authors parameter Pages with login required references or sources CS1 errors: Archived from the original on Paring that down to cut out the mass of daily events and focus on the ways in which my memory has operated and has shaped my life has been a strange, sometimes mind-boggling experience, but one for which I am grateful because it has given me more clarity about the forces that have shaped my life.

Though, It is some kind of functional deviation from normal process but becoming a person that have super memory is not undesirable. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Cases of hyperthymesia have forced many people to re-evaluate what is meant by “healthy” memory: Meet the Super-Memory Man”. Look up hyperthymesia in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Just the mention of a sad day, like the one in when Owen learned she’d have to change schools, and she relives it emotionally.

For years she remained anonymous, referred to only by initials in scientific journals while experts at the University of California-Irvine tested her ability. However, the symptoms appear to have decreased precisely because of that job.

Clinically, person having hyperthymesia have no complaints regarding his or her mental activity so, no intervention is required unless patient feels some kind of functional or structural disturbance in cerebral region.