Items 1 – 24 of 85 Hordes: Legion – Chosen of Everblight Cavalry Unit (5). Retail Price: $ Hordes: Legion – Blighted Ogrun Theme Force. Retail Price. Items 1 – 24 of 93 Build your Legion of Everblight army in HORDES with Warlocks, Warbeast and Gargantuans! Unleash the legion of blighted beasts alongside. The Legion of Everblight consists of elves and ogrun who have been corrupted and beholden to the will of the army’s eponymous dragon (who.

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Attaches to your warlock and can cast one animus of friendly faction beasts as a spell as a special everbligh, and as long as she’s within 6″ of her warlock, she can upkeep one spell for free. Usually taken in pairs. This item is sealed in box. Add battle wizard to the mix, and these could kill twenty weaker models in one turn.

Legion of Everblight – 1d4chan

I always take at least one shredder in my lists, as they make great utility “missiles”. So give us a chance to fix the problem before you report it.

You can help 1d4chan by evetblight it. Models are new in blister and include MKII stat card. Speaking of which, Legion of Everblight is one of the best factions to run warbeasts in the game. Indeed, many of the dragonspawn created in the current Legion are almost unchanged from their predecessors who marched with and slew the enemies of Morrdh. IK dragons everblkght weirdas well as the monsters that said dragon has created from the flesh of his army’s victims and the blood of his chosen generals.


Red Oaks Mill Plaza.

He poisoned the drinking wells of a nation of northern elves with his blight, the taint giving them grey skin and horns and taking away all their sense of humour, becoming Borg drones without the mind sharing and zany metal.

Views Read Edit View history. The other thing Rhyas brings everbligt the table is being a killing machine herself. Be mindful that in Legion troop buffs are fairly sparse: Something dies near it, you get a corpse token. When the game comes down to the wire, Rhyas can usually outperform other warlocks in the brutal and small skirmishes that take place in endgame.

Everything has been painted.

Legion of Everblight

With her Acrobatics, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be screening her with meat shields. The pieces grew into dragons of their own, each its own individual and distinct from their progenitor. So think about what you want your army to do instead of just throwing this in every list you take. Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters: While free, Everblight chooses not to return to his “original” flesh: Luckily, with evegblight feat, you can count on having at least one functioning heavy as the game draws to its conclusion, and that’s typically enough.


She won’t be using many spells. She can evebrlight and remove fury from one warbeast within 3″ as a special action, or heal d3 from a beast within 3″.

Likewise, your Heavies can tear hordrs whole formations. A long time ago, there was Torukwho was a big fuckoff dragon. Once you have these three elements in place, you’re ready everblighht use her feat for maximum effect. Also shop in Also shop in. This article is a skub. Stack a few animi on her Massacre, for example and on her feat turn she can slice her way across the board. Second, she needs a bodyguard. Seriously though, don’t get too hung up on spamming dragonspawn that you forget to consider these guys.


Everblight: Hordes | eBay

They found a severely weakened dragon eveblight Everblight’s ogre vessel was able to consume its crystal heart, vastly increasing Everblight’s power. DR; They are what the Dark Eldar would be if they were in a wargame which actually favoured melee glass cannon gameplay. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

She has a very different playstyle compared to other Legion casters: She is a bit gimmicky, ymmv. A must have model and a near auto include in eerblight commonly beast heavy lists. Toruk sent one of his vassals to the Lords of Morrdh to deliver an ultimatum: The vessel tends to be the preferred way of bringing Harriers and Stingers into a battle, since their ideal targets tend to be more situational and they lack the Shredder’s all-purpose animus.

This page was hordex updated: Rhyas games are made and broken on the feat turn, and everything you do builds around it. The end result was like a typical family reunion gone awry: Put his body in our cooking pot and bamnew spawn minion. Probably the most situational section of the Legion bestiary, as none of the below are auto-takes by any means.

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