Praise. “McCarty has captured the true feel and essence of the Scottish Highlands Most authors aren’t this good from the start.” –Night Owl Reviews. Read “Highland Outlaw” by Monica McCarty with Rakuten Kobo. Handsome and dangerous, Patrick MacGregor is a wanted man, possessing the tough. Highland Outlaw. Monica McCarty. Buy This Book. True Confessions time: When I was in high school/early college, I loved Scottish romances.

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Another fabulous tale from Monica McCarty. Worse, John was right.

Highland Outlaw (Library Edition) : Monica McCarty :

Sep 13, Brittany B. She has had three past engagements, but neither pulled through to a marriage, of course the blame was not on her side. Then in the next few days he tries to convince her to runaway. I think that is enough praise ihghland the couple. View all 4 comments.

Highland Outlaw

And I’m so happy that Jamie made several cameo in the book! We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Taking the carriage at all was probably a mistake. Some readers have stated they were annoyed by her seeming back and forth feelings towards Patrick, but I was not. He found her beautiful, endearing, and, well, ripe for the picking. After being made fun of by her last betroth John Montgomery she is embarrassed, she falls down trying to escape him and Highland Outlaw was a faced paced, sensual and sad story about Patrick MacGregor of Clan MacGregor and hated enemy of the King and the Campbell Clan and the sweet gentle and intelligent pretty Elizabeth Campbell, who was introduced as a character in the MacLeod of Skye series.


Yet the flaxen-haired beauty disarms him from the start.

However, it does give Patrick a chance to meet — and be affected by — Lizzie Campbell, and the author soon moves into the real meat of the story. Her sweet, unspoiled softness touches the cold depths of his ravaged soul—and makes him want much more than revenge.

This novel, set intells something of a Romeo and Juliet story between an outlawed and landless McGregor and the Campbell heiress who captures his heart. That scene was actually very heart wrenching, the things that man was saying to his outlaa about her, things Patrick and Lizzy both heard.

Patrick, is the Laird of the MacGregors that are constantly hunted down and his people outcasts, barely able to survive. A Storm of Love – A Novella. Once I did, the series made a huge turn for me. I’m glad I gave this series a second chance. Elizabeth’s way too often self-doubt: He will stop at nothing to save his people from destruction, even if it means marrying Elizabeth Campbell, the daughter of his worst enemy.


Now at an advanced age, 2 yrs after that incident, her cousin Argyll is subtly reminding her of her duty. It would be no secret that her cousin the Earl of Argyll intended to find Lizzie a husband.

He and his siblings somehow survived and now working with their cousin Alasdair. But, I think he does love the heroine in his own way and she loves him.

Seriously, this was a terrific read. But, I adored how possessive Patrick was about Elizabeth all through the book. Lizzy hears of him and his men going to the village, the informer using innuendos, which she understands and is instantly angry and jealous. The carriage bounced along the uneven road, moving mccqrty a painstakingly slow pace. In my case, a Historical Romance Author.

Then I’ll have a new fav series to follow. After that he keeps trying to do the right jighland, but somehow it just never quite works out the way he plans.

It certainly doesn’t keep me from reading them, it just tears me up while I do. He left me reeling. He also saved her from a wolf attack on their way back from the MacGregor attack.