Hey all! Posted awhile back about wanting to get into the game. Scored a very large collection for a very surprising price from an old friend. Heroscape – All Official Maps & Scenarios [Web Link Link] Gencon Scenario, official scenario, dungeon adventure, and Lost Scenarios and . “A battlefield/scenario book shows how to build five battlefields, layer by layer. ” HeroScape: Rise of the Valkyrie is the original master set for the HeroScape.

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AliasQTip’s HeroScape Site – Scenarios

For instance, when the game first starts and armies are moving into range of each other, you usually want to move your ranged shooters towards the fight last in the hope that they will have something to shoot at after they move. Skulls rolled in excess of shields count as wounds hero figures may have more than one Life.

There is a secret and well guarded corridor through the high mountains of Southern Nastralund, near the Great City of Valgrind. But, all is not as it appears in this remote oasis.

They are no longer being Each hero or squad has its own card that details both movement and combat abilities. Please select a support frequency. In a pit of course!

Here, only the bravest warriors dare to tread through this perilous quagmire. Posted July 16th, at Originally Posted by theGuru A true battle across time; a game that has been played down through the centuries. Posted inBattlefields. As said before, when approaching the fight in the beginning stages, move ranged attackers in last. A castle expansion adds much more to the game by providing tall walls, battlements, ladders and a door that can be busted down. This is great stuff and I really look forward to using this in my fan fic series.


The terrain itself can also present some interesting strategy. A fourth unused order marker is also placed to throw off your opponents – they are placed facing towards you, and you turn them to reveal their numbers to your opponents as you take your turn.

Contact Us – Heroscapers. For my table, 39 staggered x 19 straight or 34 straight x 22 staggered is the largest I can go and still have space for army cards, etc.

It provides 5 more hero figures 2 of which are updates from the Valkyrie set along with many Marro figures, which are basically skinless swamp-dwelling aliens. Originally Posted by theGuru http: There are water, sand, rock and grass tiles in roughly increasing order. Smoldering ash and a thick cloud of sulfurous gas rise high into the air as what remains of the old bailey dissolves away into a massive lava flow just a few feet below the surface.

You place 3 order markers on your army cards to establish which armies you will use and when. Find all posts by nate the dawg. If you manage to advance both squads into the battle, you can freely choose which ones you use when their turn comes up. Rules that handle being adjacent to an enemy figure can make close combat an ugly affair as well.

The judges simply ask that you have playtested the map with point armies yourself before nominating. So if you really want to make some nicely sculpted maps, you’ll need a number of master sets.


The most treacherous stretch of the Ticalla Jungle contains a host of dangers: The game is fairly simple in that each miniature has a certain amount of life, number of spaces they can move, how far their attack can reach, and how many dice they roll for attack and defense. Find all posts by Oliver Upshaw. That extra attack or defense dice has a very real impact on the game. hersocape

Heroscape: Maps, Customizations, Armies, House Rules

Also, any chance this can be updated with new battlefields on map and in legend? They must not be allowed to go any further. I weighted heavily for units graded A, moderate for B, and zero for C and down, to suggest which sets you may get the most use out of. Waiting until year end can make you wait herosvape stocks to fill up again, however.

The master game is for 2 to 4 and more players. Were the totems the source of this unnatural and terrifying power? Posted inHeroscape NewsBattlefields Comments 1. The tall grasses of the meadowlands of Braunglayde sway effortlessly in the gentle breezes coming up from the south. Find all posts by gorthan A dilapidated bridge hangs precariously over the wide Navess River in Upper Bleakwoode. With the device apparently lost, the project was abandoned and the area, forever in a state of temporal flux, was deemed extremely hazardous.

Saturday, November 8, – March 3, Location: