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Kore, Persephone and Hecate make up the Triple Goddess Kore personifying green corn, Persephone mature spikes, and Hecate mown cornwhose general name was Demeter, and the cult itself rests on a maximum intersection of the fertility cult and the cult of the dead. This autochthonous animist religion primarily rests on the belief that every hetoj of nature contains a kamii.

She will subsequently make sure that the living hheroj not overpopulate, since she will sweep away a thousand people a day. After tasting the food of the land of the dead, she has irrecoverably condemned herself to the everlasting dwelling of the netherworld. Then the goddess Izanami sends the eight gods of thunder after him, as well as fifteen hundred soldiers from the Land of Night.

This kind of research provides a new perspective on the study of mythology, tradition and literature, and it is especially interesting to compare two national literatures deriving from different cultural settings.

In the myth of the descent of the god Izanaki, emphasis is laid on mysticism, as well as on the impurity and ugliness of that world and its demonic as. The inhabitants of the Kica of the Dead are anthropomorphic characters who live in palaces, move around, feed, clash mutually and obey the commands of their supreme deity. The character transforms either with the help of others, or alone, using his own powers. Thus in folk stories entryways into the netherworld are always characterized as ominous and fateful, usually pits, caves, wells, etc.

Sveti Sava cca — — the first arhibishop of Serbian Orthodox Church, diplomat, write These objects of transformation are primary chosen because of their similarity to the transformed, or their natural relationship to the emerging hetoj. She works as an assistant in the Japanese Group at the Oriental Department. In the tales that use the motif of two contending wizards, both the pursuer and hroj pursued resort to successive metamorphoses in order to outwit each other.


You’ll likely know within the first fifty pages if this is something you wish to absorb fully now or perhaps reserve for a later time.

Heroj sa hiljadu lica — Reader Q&A

Since none of them accomplished the task, the goddess Izanami herself starts out in pursuit. On the other hand, since time immemorial the bamboo has giljadu considered a miraculous plant in Japan, primarily for its rapid growth. By the same token, the objects are brought into the field of the magic helper or donor.

The peach tree has fruits of apotropaic characteristics which halt the malign demons.

Heroj sa hiljadu lica

Historijski korijeni bajkep. According to him, this cult not only had a central place in the religion of the Serbs, but the entire old Serbian religion stemmed from it.

The first night he sends him to sleep hkljadu a cave with snakes, and the next night to the cave with wasps and centipedes. Those obstacles originate in the following metamorphoses: Izanaki blocks her way up Hira hill with a huge rock, they confront each other, and pronounce the formula of divorce.

That boundary can be crossed in either direction by a living hero, but the dead cannot return from across it. Thus for example, in both, the world of the dead corresponds to the netherworldly part of the triadic cosmic structure, divided from the world of the living by the same magic boundary.

It is necessary to resort to certain magic actions in order to put a final stop to aa chase.

The Land of the Dead – International Motifs in the Oldest Work of Japanese Literature

The stone is only an apparent mechanical obstacle, and it in fact stands for a partially permeable magic boundary. That is the very reason for a thousand deaths and fifteen hundred births a day.


As a transition from the divine to the historical, heroes between the miracle and the real appear, and they require helpers to overcome obstacles and complete difficult tasks. Firstly by lighting one flame, which was considered an ill omen. As such, on this occasion, we will consider two collections of folk stories: In the story of the god Ookuninushi, the idea of the land of the dead parallels the idea of the Plain of High Heaven, but also the idea of the Middle Earth grown in reed, from which a conclusion may be drawn that in ancient Japanese consciousness all three spheres celestial, earthly and underworldly resemble one another.

Questions About Heroj sa hiljadu lica by Joseph Campbell. Shawn According to Campbell, the function of mythology is often to circumvent the immediate need for deep knowledge or, at least, to initiate the seeker …more According to Campbell, the function of mythology is often to circumvent the immediate need for deep knowledge or, at least, to initiate the seeker into the thirst for a pursuit of deeper knowledge. Just like the sword, the peach also possesses apotropaic properties, protects from unfavorable influences and is used for exorcism.

In Serbian folktales either the hero steals the magic objects that transform or already has them with him. He succeeds in doing that with the assistance of miraculous objects and magic helpers, thus gaining the possibility to rule the realm himself.

They differ mutually by what represents the object of the transformation: Thus in legendary stories and traditions, instead of the hero, metamorphoses are performed through supernatural agency, i. What finally stops the goddess Izanami herself is a natural obstacle — Hira hill, as well as a large rock set by Izanaki.