Futaba GY Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Futaba GY Instruction Manual. Nstruction, Anual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba GY User Manual. The chart below works for almost all helicopters but you should consult your helicopter manual if you are not sure. Note that I have seen.

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Just because you plan to fly 3D does not mean you need to set the gyro to 3D mode.

Futaba GY520 Helicopter Gyro w/Heading Hold

If you cannot stop the wagging, rotate the gyro 90 degrees. Quote message in reply? For the first second the light will blink slow. Look at the light: Move the tail control rod link to the ball.

Make sure when you are adjusting the tail control rod links that you do not get too much of the threads showing. This needs to occur when you move the stick left as well as right. So it is important to make the checks on the bench so you do not risk damaging the helicopter. The chart below gt520 for almost all helicopters but you should consult your helicopter manual if you are not sure.

Power up the radio and the receiver. Once you have the servo type correctly set then hold the button on the gyro for 2 seconds to move to the next function.

FUTABA GY Instruction Manual (Page 23 of 32)

There are three things that ,anual to be connected. Now that you have found a position for the servo arm you need to mount the ball on it.


Hold the button down again for 3 seconds to get to the next function. If not then go back to step 1 and start again. For a to class mount it about Note the color of this light.

FUTABA GY520 Manuals

I fly smooth 3D and prefer the slower rotation rate. Most engineers will design the system so the front tail rotor blade moves up into the rotor downwash. In the picture you see the link it bent down, the 90 degree angle is in reference to the unbent part of the tail control rod. If you the tail wags in flight then decrease the gain. Look at the picture on the right. If you do not know why the mix is there you can inhibit it by pressing the ‘clear’ button at the bottom right of the radio.

If not, hold the button down to enter setup mode. Next disconnect the rudder link from the tail servo. Keep the tail control link off of the servo. The bottom picture on the left also shows another way to look at it, the control lever is parallel to the tail shaft.

The black wires of every plug all should be on the same side of the receiver. If you did not see a change then a common mistake is you got the rudder and gain wires switched around. Password Please enter a password for your user account.

To set the first limit, quickly press and release the button on the gyro. On smaller helicopters the flybar can swing down low enough to reach a gyro mounted on the top of the framset.


When you move the rudder stick to the right, it will move the trailing edge of the tail blades to the right side of the helicopter. You should set it up in rate mode, even if you only intend to fly it in HH mode which gy250 of us do. With the main blades rotating clockwise as seen from above, the tail rotor should rotate counter-clockwise as viewed from the right side. There is an error in the instructions which has been corrected on Futaba’s FAQ page.

Now quickly press and release the button on the gyro. Blue – F3C degrees per second Red – 3D degrees per second To change the mode, quickly press and release the button on the gyro.

Watch the light on the gyro, when you move the rudder stick from center, the light needs to change from a solid color to a flashing violet. When you mount the gyro, use the supplied foam tape. This will tell you the current mode the gyro is in. The tail servo will connect to the by520 that has one socket.

Heading Hold Solid Blue: Verify the gyro is in Heading Hold mode, light on the gyro is Red. Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. For small class helis use the thin foam pad.