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Advances in Well Test Analysis, Vol.

GWC Coal Handbook – Google Books

State and federal income tax and corporate overhead usually are excluded from out-of-pocket costs. J Pet Technol 34 8: Also, Aguilera does not mention the influence of well spacing on RE, which could be a major factor, depending on the nature of the fracture system. If such a well is in the transient stage, apparent b factors from curve fitting might not represent of the semisteady-state stage.

The widespread use of 3D seismic methods has increased confidence in the guiding of development drilling and defining of reservoir size and extent, especially in certain geographic locations. Well log data alone usually are insufficient to resolve such uncertainties. The graphics module is used to analyze historic trends and project future oil and gas production. American Oil handvook Gas Investor 19 6: Critical Rate for Water Coning: Sep 17, Oddometer: The staff will review estimates of proved reserves attributable to fluid injection in the light of the strength of the evidence presented by the registrant in support of a contention that enhanced recovery will be achieved.


Requirement for Flow Testing.

Incremental probable P2 reservoir volumes typically are the result of subtracting P1 volumes from the isopach of 2P volumes. Depending on the size of the initial gas cap and the degree of gas-cap voidage, significant volumes of oil might be lost.

GWC Coal Handbook – George Waterhouse Consultants Ltd – Google Books

Because of potential differences in uncertainty, caution should be exercised when aggregating reserves of different classifications. Improvements to Reservoir Material-Balance Methods.

Thus, it is recommended that an evaluator compare reserves estimated by volumetric methods against well and reservoir performance at the earliest practical stage of production and make adjustments as warranted. Jul 11, Oddometer: Reserves that are to be produced through the application of established improved recovery methods are included in the proved classification when 1 successful testing by a pilot project or favorable response of an installed program in the same or an analogous reservoir with similar rock and fluid properties provides support for the analysis on which the project was based, and 2 it is reasonably certain that the project will proceed.

An engineer must guard against all forms of external or internal bias and be careful to avoid the pitfalls that can affect the reliability of any reserves estimate.

A volumetric estimate of GIP scf in coalbed reservoirs can be calculated by [77] Privatization of numerous national or state-owned oil and gas companies, with the sale of their securities within the U.

Circumstances might make it appropriate to quantify one or more of these uncertainties using probabilistic procedures. J Can Pet Technol 34 1. Probabilistic Procedures Probabilistic procedures recognize that uncertainties in input data and equations to calculate gac may be significant. SEC continues to enforce the definitions regarding undeveloped well locations, requiring that the proved classification be given only to those locations beyond one offset from a productive well where “it can be demonstrated with certainty that there is continuity of production” [emphasis added] from the existing productive formation.


GWC coal handbook

The two broad categories of fractured reservoirs are those with a porous matrix and those with a nonporous matrix. J Pet Technol 23 9: G p or use an alternate material-balance method.

Given such a scenario, it might be appropriate to define the range of uncertainty in subsea depth using a triangular probability distribution, with the mode of the distribution determined by the analysis procedure considered the most robust. G p for each well until performance indicates which wells are in a common reservoir; however, even then it might be desirable to maintain a plot for each well because such plots might help to determine the drainage area of each well and to identify areas for infill drilling.

Unproved Oil and Gas Reserves U. The lost gas volume is estimated as a function of the coal type and depth of burial and other handdbook. This proved volume might need to be reduced further because of lateral limitations imposed by optimum gwx spacing and geological uncertainty.