Transhuman Space is, to a significant extent, the setting which defined the ideas about future technology which are used in GURPS 4e, so for. GURPS Ultra-Tech is a sourcebook for GURPS. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history which Steve Jackson Games published in A new GURPS Ultra-Tech () was one of the tech books published for GURPS 4e GURPS Space is a genre toolkit for creating Science Fiction campaigns using the GURPS Those topics will be covered by the forthcoming books GURPS Vehicles (4e) and GURPS Ultra-Tech (4e) respectively. The rationale for this decision.

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Comparing the stat blocs, one finds general compatibility among the pistols, SMGs, and rifles. The combination of heavy armour, humanoid form, and above all raw strength gives it a bit of a skiffy feel, in my opinion, though I guess one could convert the TL9 or 10 versions to cybershell templates if one wanted that sort of combat machine in gursp game.

But if your players really insist, letting them have their toys might not be disastrous. I should also note here that the weapons tables in Changing Times were based on a combination of early versions of the Ultra-Tech material and rule-of-thumb conversions of old TS material with some intent to preserve backwards compatibility.

Again, should be feasible in TS – but are surely only likely to see use as rather baroque and sadistic crowd control weapons though criminals might find uses for them, if they can lay hands on them.

Have you upgraded your genetics this year? Simple pills can regenerate the body in a matter of hours, or grow new cybernetic implants a matter of days. Its the same issue magic has: Get Known if you don’t ultratec an account.

GURPS Ultra-Tech

Find More Posts by weby. A logical idea for TS-style settings, but one which is likely to show up a lot in PCs’ backpacks if allowed into games. Find More Posts by smurf. See also Changing Times for 4e versions of the old book’s designs. Ultratecg would be the Laser Sight that TS treats as standard on all ranged weapons.

I’ll be commenting on plausible weapons technology in TS when I get onto chapter six, and some of those remarks will likely also be applicable here, in the general sense that if ultratrch weapons technology isn’t available, it can’t be used as part of a security system. Oh well – if TS can include the aircar, it can 4d this as the truck-equivalent. Another specialised technology on which PCs will doubtless jump enthusiastically, though regular military forces and ultartech civilian self-defense or hunting markets might well consider it over-complicated and fairly limited in use for the cost, restricting the supply – so a few such weapons might be available, but not widely encountered.

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Possible as an occasional feature of the TS world. Ultra-tech melee weapons are generally more about style than hard SF plausibility, of course, but there are one or two things in here that might fit into TS games. Machines as Characters 3. Good food for thought.

Using GURPS Ultra-Tech 4e in Transhuman Space

Ranged neurotech devices such as dream nets and neural disruptors are introduced. A Discord server focusing on Ultraatech, Sci-Fi, Transhumanism, and discussion of other assorted topics, from tech to boardgames, from politics to philosophy. Of course “real world” in this context means the USA ; pounds, feet, yards as originally developed in the UK international gurpps, however, are metricated.

Tools and Construction Materials A nice collection of stuff for the “working stiffs in a weird world” games to which TS lends itself so pleasingly Ulfratech Sci-Fi — A look at the equipment and logistics of futuristic fighting forces. BoxAustin, TX In general, I think that the broad assumptions about these technologies are quite compatible between TS and this book; howeverdetail assumptions about cost and weight per point of DR, various other factors, and exactly what’s incorporated into various suits and such as standard, and what represents an optional extra, likely generate a lot of detail clashes and potential for confusion.

And some sonic weapons are marked as TL9 or 10, and not superscience. Table of Contents 1. The Ultra-Tech list does raise the possibility of adding to two new categories to the TS list:. Some simple template equations for suits and stuff, if you can buy a big of leggings or arms. Might be feasible in TS, ultratefh I’d imagine it’d need some fine tuning ulratech make it a really hard SF device.

That which, in TS, is used to perform biogenesis.

GURPS Ultra-Tech | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In particular, diamondoid material is sometimes used, mostly in spacecraft hulls so far as I can see – though it’s bloody expensive – and a few spacecraft have functioning antimatter drives. I could see a lot of cybershells abusing this Mini-nukes increase the risk of nuclear war by blurring the boundaries between conventional and nuclear arms. Reflex uses different buzzwords to the old notes on Arachnoweave – the idea of imitating spider silk is de-emphasised in favour of a mention of “shear thickening fluid”, a concept that I don’t think was available when TS was written.

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The other thing that crosses my mind right now is surveillance dust, but that’s a standalone item. Colonel Erasmus forced a smile. Otherwise, you have to fiddle with the notes on every cybershell template and Biomedical Equipment The basic stuff here – bandage sprays, disposable hypos, and so on – should be trivially compatible with TS, even if details and prices sometimes vary slightly. Better to send a buzzbot on these sorts of missions, mostly. Canonical for TS, but with bandwidth problems; p.

These are of course similar to the Seeker Missile which gets a template in In the Well ; the details may have come out a bit different, but if one uses these things purely as one-shot weapons and not as cybershells, either set of numbers would probably do. Chapter Four More Songs About Buildings and Food; more stuff that’s good for establishing the look of the scenery for TS games, and more basic gear for many adventures Somebody presumably decided that there were credibility issues.

Incidentally, it’s been said, following my first post, that TS power cell energy densities are merely highly optimistic, whereas most game treatments of the subject are quite wildly so. The things that Changing Times derived from Deep Beyond are quite wilfully wimpish, though not quite useless; the TL10 gear in Ultra-Tech is seriously formidable by comparison, and I’d expect at least some “line” military units to be packing it if it was available.

GURPS Ultra-Tech 2

So who would buy a regen tank? Not a feature of the TS world. Questionable things include Rejuvenation tank being same TL as gurrps tank ulttatech being cheaper while doing everything that the regeneration tank does in addition to it’s main purpose.

It can kind of interrupt the flow if you want to play an Exalted -style game full of elaborate stunts. Vandalising a superconductor loop or a bank of nano-flywheels could surely have some interesting results. Could be done with TS technology, but I imagine it would be seen as crazy poseur gear – anyone who wants one shouldn’t be trusted with one. Find More Posts by Snaps.