GURPS Supers is a superhero roleplaying game written by Loyd Blankenship and published GURPS Supers for 4e was published in , one of several genre books published by Steve Jackson Games for the new edition For the 4th. I did some shopping around on a good system for a supers game. I have in GURPS reads like it might work, but I have never played GURPS. Supers functions just as well as any genre does in GURPS. 3e was fairly new, and only recently started to collect the books again for 4e.

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GURPS Supers

The first edition had groupings of character powers that were not used in the second edition. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Originally Posted by Diskhotep. Read the Designer’s Notes for free on Pyramid! With the 4th Edition version, even cosmic-level heroes can now be reproduced, though most of the work for that was done in GURPS Powers. Tags for this Thread gurps. I played in a superpowered police officers game at that sort of point levelalthough I would be careful at the level of disads you are looking at it may well be more than GURPS works with.

Mind Control, by default, can only control one subject at a time, and suers has no area effect. Focused on drama and characterization, it provides: The complete bibliography 4ee online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc.

On the other hand, GURPS Supers could handle the less absurd superheroes, and it produced many interesting original characters of its own.


I would recommend GURPS over any other system I’ve played but can’t remember the name to right now and that’s about systems offhand. I am especially interested in free retroclones.

Last edited by TheEmerged; at GitP Player Registry Entry. Like one guy’s power is being a good detective and can shoot a gun better than average, or maybe having a bow with “just the right arrow” at all times. Originally Posted by scarmiglionne4. Control All Aquatic life 7 Collective; Ranged []. The players would be considered young inexperienced heroes who just came into their powers. I have looked over Heroes Unlimited, Mutants and Masterminds, and even a few retroclones.

Are those tentacles or boney protrusions?

Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! The original Control [X] powers which no longer exist in 4e worked on an area. You cannot and should not balance bad mechanics by making them gkrps to use. There were several Sourcebooks put out for the game, the most famous being an adaptation of the Wild Cards superhero novels. Meltdown and Fallout lets you add radioactive excitement and danger to your super-heroic campaign.

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She was points in 3e but in 4e. The material on genre conventions, character concepts and relationships, scenario creation, and supers universes can be used with any game system. I did some shopping around on a good system for a supers game. And here she is as I converted her. You need to login to do this. Find More Posts by Almafeta.

The supplement offers xupers rules and options for characters with superpowers. Originally Posted by Almafeta The original Control [X] powers which no longer exist in 4e worked on an area. Men and women with strange powers protected ordinary mortals from a variety of threats, from street crime to world-shattering disasters. That’s not to say it’s stodgy; a typical chapter is titled “Unnatural Gurs Limbs from Another World.


Martin, Kirkman, and Joss Whedon walked into a bar.

GURPS Supers

I still haven’t played it, but I’ve heard that Spirit of the Century is possibly the best pulp game ever made, and I’m pretty sure it covers the exact timeframe you want. All times are Gufps The time now is None of them seemed to be exactly what I was looking supets. Results 1 to 11 of Privacy Policy Contact Us.

What does the system do well, if not this type of game? Written by William H.

I considered Mind Control but Control Fish, Animals or Birds is for 1 hex of per level, so 5 level would be a 5 hex radius. The s editions had their own original settingsuperss in Gurps IST International Super Teams which featured an Alternate Universe where the United Nations effectively rules the world and uses superhero teams to keep the peace.

Weird Science — For fantastic and downright strange gear suitable for any spers — plus optional systems to create odd equipment and more rules for costumes.

Gurps Supers 4e IST members.

Gurps Supers 4e IST members. – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Sean Punch black-and-white pages, softcover. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There were no survivors.