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Shoot ’em Up is made of this trope.


This is partly because it’s an easy power to leave on all the time, so you tend f enter battle with it still activated. In cutscenes, this is taken much further, with melee spectacles involving the snatching of full-sized rifles out of someone’s hands and having it ready to fire in under a second, throwing to the ground with a rifle since both hands are tied up holding it, and breaking down someone else’s gun before they can fire it.

GURPS Monster Hunters gjn also benefit from cinematic gunplay; it brings high-powered heroes to bear against the threats that lurk in shadows. They gunn both free for one thing. Loosening a cable tied to grps burning corpse hanging from the top of a bridge’s bannister, making the corpse drop; holding onto the rope and allowing the corpse’s weight to pull you up right next to the helicopter 50 feet above you and emptying the mag of the Uzi you just grabbed from the falling corpse as you passed it into your evil-ex-lover at point blank range.

It’s important to note is that the time travel for Feng Shui is really just Era travel – you can only go to specific points in the past or future, which helps keep Flash ru from occurring. This is a setting where Gun Fu can be practical as a preferred combat style. When you get guns in The Matrix: Maggie Cheung’s character in Heroic Fh fights with a shotgun and a machine gun in two scenes, wielding them as if they were swords. And while toxic and incendiary ammo aren’t entirely unrealistic, ice elemental ammo is a bit unconventional.


I’m not sure it’s what you’re looking for but it certainly has the potential to be.

York, the hero of Cross Edgethought that ‘regular’ martial arts were boring, so he learned how to fight with gurpps instead. Since Feng Shui has come up a couple times in this thread, it might be worth mentioning that a Fen Shui 2 pdf bundle gurpe appeared over at Bundle of Holding.

Justice’s weapons are a pair of six-shooters while Afro’s father wields the BFS that Afro wields in the present. The Anti-Human Suppression Squad combine wrist-mounted Maneuver Gear with pistols, allowing them to pull off aerial maneuvers and take on soldiers armed with swords. Leaping out of an exploding building and using an Uzi to shoot up the frozen lake below guj soften the impact of landing having already used a revolver to soften up the window before leaping through it.

Log in or sign up in seconds. I’ll second Feng Shui, it’s a great setting and I really wish I had a group to play it these days! Those who are truly skilled, and idiots.


Every character in Hong Kong Action Theatrein addition to knowing Kung Fu, can also shoot with gusto using his or her default Skill rating. Trigun is pretty much made of this: You have to appreciate Gun Fu, when you draw an Gups while flipping backward in the air and successfully target some mook on the balcony below you.

Has roots in Wuxia.

Combat can be pretty deadly at times and without the super powered sci-fi armor the unarmed combat could still be a viable options for combat. Compare Implausible Fencing Powersjust with swords. Fate might work for this depending on how granular you want to get. Over 50 new perks for stylists.

The default settings is more magipunk than modern but that part should be easy to change.


Gun Fu is a catch-all term for the fancy moves Hong Kong action movie characters and Western films inspired by said Hong Kong action movies perform with their guns. It in fact has a gun martial art already. Ironically, her long-ranged combat is almost nonexistent.

Both are graceful and cool to an almost obscene degree, but Gun Fu is probably the more plausible of the two. I limited the players to character archetypes that would fit modern day no cyborgs, super-gorillas, etc and set them to gun-fu-ing and street-fighting their way through taking down a criminal gang backed by a shady corporation.

GURPS Gun Fu | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

What really fits the wuxia theme for me with it is how combat works. A sort of nascent example turns up in some Spaghetti Westerns — the lead who is not Lee van Cleef in The Grand Duel flips and rolls through gunfights, once shooting a Mook while falling upside down after propelling himself into the air with the aid of a cart and a falling body.

In one instance, she’s able to snipe dozens of people with rubber bullets, don’t worry from all over her improbably large school campus by ricocheting rifle shots off of various buildings. Spike’s battles with Vicious in Cowboy Bebop seem to fit in under this as well. In the beginning flashback sequence of Afro SamuraiJustice duels with Afro’s father. Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

Using both his hands, and his feet to duel wield his guns while using a special form of martial arts that allows him to dogde and weave during a Firefight.

The skills are all generic verbs so that they can be used regardless of the setting or time period.