Grub4dos utilises two different methods for booting operating systems – both of which can be used via command line or configuration file entries. Both methods. Grub4dos Guide – Introduction. All bit utilities used in the guide have been tested on a Windows XP system, all DOS utilities have been tested with a Windows. Grub4dos Guide – Fundamentals. Understanding the syntax used for devices is essential – refer to previous section Device Allocation/Numbering. When booting .

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Grub4dos Guide – Gfxmenu

You can reduce the colours in Gimp by selecting Image, Mode, Indexed and entering 14 as the maximum colors if it does not prompt you for the number of colours, select RGB and then select Indexed. It can be used via a command line interface or menu, and has many features including. Then use 7Zip or Gzip to compress it as a. The grldr file contains it’s own small pre-boot menu bytes which includes the commands to search for the menu.

Create a new cpio archive by running C: There are two major format of message file. Linux users can install grub4dos using BootIce. Once you have finished editing gfxboot.

Let us change the text and background colour, set a second timeout, set a default menu choice if no key is pressed and add a background wallpaper using a. Posted 13 November – This menu text will be laid over the background image. Any references to gfxmenu in the remainder of this section refer explicitly to the version compiled by Bean. Grub4dos has a powerful command line interface, which can be scripted via a configuration file.

Even if you do not trust your English in which I can see no problems, BTW it would be useful, as I could try and “fill the blanks” and “pass” it to diddy so that he trub4dos edit it in “real English” and add to the guide a complete set of instructions. Part 2 – Testing your USB pen drive.


The command line is the recommended method for testing new boot options and is essential for troubleshooting problems. Tutorial 60 – Grub4dos and Plop! Default is white text on a black background, with current option being black text within a white highlight.

The XPM format no longer supported by grub4dos! When the next title command is found or the end of file is reached grub4dos will automatically issue a boot command gdub4dos CPU control will be passed to whatever code was loaded gguide the previous menu instructions. Sample background menus here. If you are using splashimage with higher resolution images which is supported on versions of grub4dosuse the new color command see above.

Grub4dos command primer – Grub4dos 0. The easiest way to demonstrate the syntax is to use a screenshot. Make your picture and save it as a. If no configuration file is found during the boot process then the device from which grldr or GRUB.

There is an active forum on reboot. To change these colours use the following menu.

Also you cannot have light blinking background colours, e. You can type in most of the grub4dos commands at the grub4dos command prompt such as help. Personally I find that calling a dinner jacket “tuxedo” American or “smoking” Italian is a crime against logics and semantics: The nest is no limit to the depth. The guide is meant vuide be a starting point and covers the syntax and some of the more commonly used grub4ds – hopefully after gaining an understanding of the commands covered in the guide the user will have the confidence to experiment further.


The root device will be set as the device from which the configuration file menu. The old install method of booting via the stage-files has been removed. Jaclaz – you’re sacked. You can also use Gimp to produce the. Add the file to your menu. Create batch file C: The following has been tested using a Puppy Linux Grub4xos 4.

To ensure that the relevant line is processed remove the character. Note that grub4dos consists of two parts as explained previously. In memory grub4dso of menu entries pressing the [e] key does not work. Tutorial 57 – Automatic grub4dos menus, using hotkeys, hiding the menu and silent startup Look here for advanced example menus and downloads including unifont to support UTF.

If either grldr or grub. On exit or on failure control will go to another. Long filenames that have spaces in them e.

Grub4dos Guide – Configuration File Entries

Once the boot menu is displayed the selected menu option can be edited before booting by pressing the [e] keyhowever the edits take place in memory and are not written to the configuration file. When booting via the Grub4dos MBR the boot and configuration files do not have to be on the boot drive and can be moved to any local disk, as long as the file system is supported.

T his guide contains many new and previously undocumented features! Any message must be appended to the title line of the menu entry.