The Grantha script is one of the earliest Southern script to emerge from the Brahmi script. It further evolved to the Malayalam script. It also greatly influenced the. The Grantha script (Tamil: கிரந்த எழுத்து, translit. Kiranta eḻuttu; Malayalam: ഗ്രന്ഥലിപി; Sanskrit: ग्रन्थलिपिः, translit. grantha lipi) is an . The Grantha script was designed for writing sacred texts in the Sanskrit language . The script is thought to be based on the stone-age cave inscriptions from the.

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When an encroached storm water drain was cleared in Shivajinagar, a plaque dating back to the 19th century was found.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mirror with bijaksharas, Miyajima. By the 15th century, this had evolved to the point that both scripts would be used within the same word — if the root was derived from Sanskrit it would be written in the Grantha script, but any Tamil suffixes which were added to it would be written using the Tamil script.

A public notice board written using Malayalam script. HDI in the states is high and the economy has undergone growth at a faster rate than most northern states. There are several collections in the museum, including art objects, arms coins, stone sculptures and copper plate inscriptions belonging to the Vijayanagara, the Institution is affiliated to Gnana Sahyadri, Shankaraghatta, Kuvempu University of Shimoga. What made you want to look up Grantha alphabet?

According to Kamil Zvelebil, Damilli and Dravidalipi are synonymous for Tamil writing, references to writing are also available in early Tamil literature. Retrieved from ” https: The Brahmic script and its descendants. When applied to Sanskrit, however, it added a deal of complexity to the script. Grantha has two ways of representing consonant clusters.

Tolkappiyam in stanza 16 and 17 mentions dots added to consonants, the author of Tolkappiyam displays awareness of a writing system and the graphic system as he knew it corresponds with later writing systems. This stems from the practice of binding inscribed palm leaves using a length of thread held by knots.

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Grantha script – WikiVisually

granthw Help us improve this article! Visit our facebook page. Grantha script was added to the Unicode Standard in June with the release of version 7. A particular feature of the Grantha numeral system was their system of writing fractions. Resources for Grantha alphabet Time Traveler!

Take the quiz Naughty or Nice Quiz He’s making a quiz, and checking it twice No systems of writing subsequently developed from the Kharosthi script. Towards the beginning of BCE, iron technology spread through the region, however, the region was in the middle of a trade route that extended from Muziris to Arikamedu linking the Mediterranean and East Asia. The earliest mention of a script for writing the Tamil language is found in the Jaina work Samavayanga Sutta, in the Buddhist work, Lalitavistara, a script called Dravidalipi is mentioned.

InRajan and Yatheeskumar published excavations at Porunthal and Kodumanal in Tamil Nadu and their stratigraphic analysis combined with radiocarbon dates of paddy grains and charcoal samples indicated that inscription contexts date to as far back as the 5th and perhaps 6th centuries BCE.

In Xinjiang, China, the Oirats still use it, the traditional Mongolian alphabet is not a perfect fit for the Mongolian language, and it would be impractical to extend it to a language with a very different phonology like Chinese. The rising popularity of Devanagari for Sanskrit and the political pressure created by the Tanittamil Iyakkam [3] for its complete replacement by the modern Tamil script led to its gradual disuse and abandonment in Tamil Nadu in the early 20th century, except for specialised Hindu religious literature.

And is one way more correct than the others? There are innumerable manuscripts found in this region, the major language of manuscripts is Sanskrit, mainly the works of Veda, Jyotisha and other Sanskrit epics.


Kannada inscription of King Krishnadeva Raya, datedat the Virupaksha temple in Hampi, describing his coronation and the construction of the large open mantapa. It was established in by Harihara I and his brother Bukka Raya I of Sangama Dynasty, the empire rose to prominence as a culmination of attempts by the southern powers to ward off Islamic invasions by the end of the 13th century.

From the Stone Age to the 12th Century. Ligatures are normally preferred whenever they exist. The state shares a border with the nation of Sri Lanka. Brahmanic, or squareand Jain, or round.

These are the earliest documents of a Dravidian language, and the script was established in the Chera and Pandyan states, in what is now Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh. Adichanallur has been announced as a site for further excavation. Grrantha Sahitya Akademy at Thrissur. Indic writing systems, writing systems that include the syllabic Kharosthi and semialphabetic Brahmi scripts of ancient India.

The Malayalam language possesses official recognition in the state of Keralaand the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry. After this it was used as a phonetic gloss for Mongols learning Chinese characters.

Grantha script

A Re-evaluation, by K. Below is an image of a palm leaf manuscript with Sanskrit written in Grantha script: The earliest inscriptions in Grantha, dating from the 5th—6th century adare on copper plates from the kingdom of the Pallavas near modern Madras. Letters are grouped according to the way they are pronounced.

They were used by the Pallava in some inscriptions.

Ancient Scripts: Grantha

Its most salient feature is its direction, it is the only vertical script that is written from left to right. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. The Grantha script was designed for writing sacred texts in the Sanskrit language.