Sri Gopala Vimsati must have been very dear to Swami Desikan as indicated by his inclusion of the twelfth verse of this stotram in his esoteric. Stream Sri Gopala Vimsathi by Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan from desktop or your mobile device. Gopala Vimsathi – Learners Series. -vimsathi-learners-series/ Gopala Vimsathi consists of 21 slokas on Krishna.

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I see that wonderful young Gopala next to me always. With these and more AbharaNAs made of forest products, Gopala enchants the hearts of the adoring Gopis. Sunday, February 25, Gopala Vimsati. Vimsatthi that vision of this sweet, butter dance of Lord Gopala appear before my eyes!

Sri Gopala Vimsathi by Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan | Free Listening on SoundCloud

His devotees meditate on Him in this manner and recieve His blessings. Our senses are overpowered. I salute this embodiment of mercy known as Venugopalan. Let that form with the several ornaments, Appear before my mind, In which he folds one leg and, Holds the other leg straight, In which he produced vimsatji sounds, And dancing steps in line with, The sound of churning of curds, Produced by his mother, For getting freshly vumsathi butter.

Gopala-upAsakas seat Him at the center of this inner triangle and enjoy His illustrious beauty. Swami Desikan paints a word picture of the incomparable beauty of Sri Gopalan. I see him daily near me, Who is being searched by VedasWho broke the two Arjuna trees, And who is with young maidens, Near the Yamuna with it as a witness.

He blesses Her with His auspicious glances. He was not an ordinary baby. His feigned fright at his mother however made him stop. He shines with his dark blue hue, reminiscent of the clouds in the rainy season and wins over the Gopis with his formidable beauty. Log in Request account. He also smiled in between his crying spells. gkpala

Gopala Vimsathi – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

The followers of the goala consider Sri Vedanta Desika as their Acharya teacher. I remember the lad smiling with lips, Resembling the rosy leaf buds, Who had turned his neck out of fear, And who dragged hopala big mortar, In between the two trees and, Freed both of them of their, Tree form forever. Verse 15 mahase mahitAya maulinA vinatenanAnjalimanjanatvise kalayAmi vimugdha vallavI valayAbhAsita manju venave I join my hands in Anjali Mudra and lower my head in salutation of that much revered effulgent, dark-hued Jyothi of Gopala, whose divine flute music joins in conversation as it were with the taaLam of Gopis whose golden bangles that jingle as they keep up with the rhythmic patterns.


It is said that it was composed gopalx Thiruvahindrapuram by the Acharya overwhelmed by the beauty of the Rajagopala idol in the temple.

Lord Gopalan, showing great affection for the Gopis, stands before them in resplendent attire. Newer Post Older Post Home. Salutations to him, who gopapa in Vrundavana, Who is the darling of the Gopis there, Who was born on the day of the Sri Jayanthi, And who wears the garland called Vaijayanthi.

Their follow-up with taaLam suggests as though they are teaching the abhinayam step known as LaLitham to the flute of the Lord. The incarnation of Vishnu taking the form of a cowherd to protect all the universes has on its coral-red lips the bamboo flute that tastes the nectar of this Gopala’s mouth. This certainly is no ordinary child! Retrieved from ” http: Verse 18 lIlayashtIm karakisalaye dakshine nyasya dhanyAm amse devyA: I see him always and all gopqla, With a chest carrying his Lady, And also see him as prettiness, That can never ever be described, And which is the acme of desire of the gopis.

He describes the structure of His mantram and affectionately recalls the many mischievous deeds performed by bAla Gopalan in Gokulam and Brindavanam to the utter delight of the humans and the celestial beings.

Verse 6 vraja yoshidapAnga vedhanIyam. May that Gopala engaged in water ogpala with the Vlmsathi as their lover protect us, since he is the medicine for his devotees suffering from the afflictions of Samsaara. He not only helped himself to the poisonous milk from her breast, but also sucked her life through the very same act of responding to her cunning invitation to breast-feed him.

May that Lord who is the Lord of the gopis, Vimxathi swept his sweet heart gopi in to a tight embrace, Along with his wet cloths made wet, During the love play inside the water, Who gave a loving glance to the gopi who, Was keeping her eyes partially closed, Who held in his hand a water gun, And who is the savior of his devotees, Save vimsatui from the ills of domestic life.


Verse 8 nikaTeshu nisAmayAmi nityam nigamAntai: Inside that yantra is yet another yantra in the shape of a triangle. Verse 1 vande bRndAvanacaram vallavI janavallabham jayantisambhavam dhAma vaijayantI vibhUshaNam I salute that divine effulgence named Gopala, who was born on this Sri Jayanthi day and roamed in the forests of Brindavanam wearing the unfading garland, known as Vaijayanti, made of wild flowers of the forest.

Victory to that flute which partakes the nectar, Flowing from the lips of VishnuWho has taken the form of a gopa lad, For protecting all the vijsathi, And to him who is being taught, The go;ala steps along with the, Beats created by the tingling soundCreated by their bangles by the gopis. May that mischievous Gopalan fond of Gopis be victorious! He stood still pretending that he did not know what to do next. He enchanted the gopis of Brindavanam.

Gopala Vimsathi

He who reads this poem written, By the poet Venkatesa [5] with no one, Else appearing in his mind, Would go near the God who likes, The holy flute, who is the God, Who is the darling of all gopis. May the thought of the simplicity that he adapted for this occasion protect all of us in our daily lives!

We are powerless to describe His full beauty. He lifted his foot to run. They are totally captivated by his friendly smile and the divine music originatinig from His flute. I salute Sri Vedanta Desikan prior to attempting to provide an English translation to these bhakti-laden verses dedicated to Sri Rukmini Satyabhama sameta Raja Venugopalan. When his mother stepped out of the kitchen for a moment, he put his hands into the pot and helped himself.

Venugopalan plays on his flute and creates delightful music and casts his most merciful glances on the Gopis. He returned her affectionate glances. Which painter painted the picture of this beautiful youth in my heart, who is like the morning Sun to the lotus-like faces of the love-sick Gopis?