Michael Badnarik has created a constitutional primer that will edify and entertain Good to be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom presents a. GOODto be KING GOOD to be KING The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom MICHAEL BADNARIK. In his book Good to Be King Badnarik suggests that it is unnecessary to have a driver’s license to drive, that the IRS has no.

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Archived from the original on October 30, Nick Michelewicz rated it it was amazing Apr 17, In the past, he has stated [ citation needed ] that refusing to file a tax return is justifiable until the Internal Revenue Service IRS provides a legal reason for doing so see Federal statutes imposing obligations to pay income taxes and file returns.

One of his key statements on income tax is that the United States grew to be the most powerful nation in the Universe without requiring such a tax, and that it began to falter when the government began to intervene in the economy and individuals’ lives. This book provides readers with the fundamentals of the Constitution by analyzing the legitimate basis for government, and the circumstances that lead to its ratification.

This goood an effort to make his then-campaign to be the President of the United States go more smoothly. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Mr.

Michael Badnarik

It is probably a good read for those that are not very constitutionally aware and mostly exposed to television for their news and history. Michael Murphy rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Witty, funny, engaging, educational, articles by Michael Badnarik. Badnarik’s impact could be ‘critical’ Badnariik 26, “. A must read for newbies to the constitution, and great for those who think they know what is wrong in our goverment.

Michael Badnarik – Wikipedia

He discusses the critical and needed distinction between republican and democratic systems of government, arguing that freedom can survive in America only if we return to our republican roots. Badnarik was viewed as unlikely to win the Libertarian presidential nomination, facing challenges from talk-show host Gary Nolan and Hollywood producer Aaron Russo.


When he moved to Texas, he did not obtain a driver’s license, due to that state’s requirement that an applicant provide a Social Security Number and fingerprint. In AugustBadnarik announced that he would run for the U. Upon the fourth attempt his heart was revived yet with erratic behavior. He does an excellent job of demystifying our founding document, demonstrating that ordinary Americans can and should understand the Constitution and how it applies to their lives.

Good to be King | Constitution Preservation

Garrett Jackson rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Tom Michael rated it really liked it Jan 15, In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. In the closest presidential nomination race in the Libertarian Party’s year history, all three candidates polled within 12 votes of each other on the first ballot RussoBadnarikNolan He discusses the critical- and needed- distinction between republican and democratic badnatik of government, arguing that freedom can survive in America only if we return to our republican roots.

Archived from the original on Lists with This Book. McCaul, who received 55 percent of the vote, and Democrat Ted Ankrum, kjng got 40 percent. Badnarik born August 1, is an American software engineerpolitical kig, and former radio talk show host.

Badnarik is a member of the libertarian Free State Project.

In Aprilhe began hosting a talk radio program, Lighting the Fires of Libertyon the We the People radio network. I am using this for my Goverment class. He also illustrates the forgotten tenets of federalism and states’ rights, arguing that federal usurpation of state power has accelerated the loss of our freedoms. Damiani Nicchia rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Trivia Gold Good to Be King: When the second ballot placed the candidates in the same order, Gary Nolan was eliminated and threw his support to Badnarik; Badnarik won the nomination on the third ballot towith None of the Above receiving six votes.


Jay rated it liked it Aug 27, He was the Libertarian Party nominee for President of kint United States in the electionsand placed fourth in the race, behind independent candidate Ralph Nader and the two major party candidates, George W. Dawn rated it really liked it Jan 26, Oct 26, Dave Maddock rated it liked it.

Semaj rated it really liked it Oct 27, In FebruaryBadnarik announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination and spent the following 18 months traveling the country, teaching a course on the United States Constitution to dozens of libertarian groups. Badnarik spent most of early touring the nation and giving speeches.

La Crosse TribuneRetrieved December 24, If we wish to remain free, we must constantly question and challenge conventional views about the proper role of government in our society. He kihg 7, votes, or four percent, in the November election, losing to Republican incumbent Michael T. Badnarik personally and taking baadnarik course on the Constitution. Brian Umbarger rated it really liked it Jul 06, He, therefore, opposes institutions such as welfare and business regulation.

By the end of the election cycle, Badnarik’s presidential campaign had raised just over one million dollars USobtained ballot access in 48 states plus the District of Columbia the Libertarian Party failed to obtain ballot access in Oklahoma and New Hampshire, although Badnarik was a qualified write-in candidate in New Hampshireand placed nationwide political advertisements on CNN and Badjarik Newsin addition to local advertising buys in the vadnarik swing states of Wisconsin, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona.

Recent Articles Witty, funny, engaging, educational, articles by Michael Badnarik. To ask other readers questions about Good to Be Kingplease sign up.