Category:Geoffrey of Monmouth . arwiki جيفري مونماوث; astwiki Godofredo de Monmouth; be_x_oldwiki Гальфрыд Монмуцкі; bewiki Гальфрыд Монмуцкі. may not be thought to be the poor offspring of Geoffrey of Monmouth, but when polished by .. Sic de prole tua reges nascentur: et ipsis. Totius terrae subditus. Godofredo de Monmouth o Geoffrey de Monmouth fue un clérigo escritor y uno de los principales personajes en el desarrollo de la materia de Bretaña y.

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Category:Geoffrey of Monmouth – Wikimedia Commons

In the meantime, Arthur conquers most of northern Europe and ushers gkdofredo a period of peace and prosperity that lasts until the Romans, led by Lucius Hiberiusdemands that Britain once again pay tribute to Rome.

Possibly MonmouthWales. Cadwallader does so, dying dw, though leaves his son and nephew to rule the remaining Britons. Illumination of a 15th-century manuscript of Historia regum Britanniae showing Vortigern and Ambros watching the fight between two dragons. It is also the first record we have of the great figure King Lear, and the beginning of the mythical King Arthur figure.

Marganus and Cunedagius divide the kingdom between themselves, but soon quarrel and go to war with each other. Autores similares Henry Van Dyke 6.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. At this point Geoffrey abruptly pauses his narrative by inserting a series of prophecies attributed to Merlin. Certain variants may be due to “authorial” additions to different early copies, but most probably reflect early attempts to alter, add to or edit the text.

He reached the age of majority by when he is recorded as witnessing a charter.

In an exchange of manuscript material for their own histories, Robert of Torigny gave Henry of Huntington a copy of Historia Regum Britanniaewhich both Robert and Henry used uncritically as authentic history and subsequently used in their own works, [8] by which means some of Geoffrey’s fictions became embedded in popular history. Other sites 0 entries edit. He loses control of much of his land and encounters Merlin.


It consists of a series of obscure prophetic utterances attributed to Merlin which he claimed to have translated from an unspecified language. Geoffrey of Monmouth Latin: The Britons are immediately besieged by attacks from Picts, Scots and Danes, especially as their numbers have been depleted due to Conan colonizing Brittany and Maximianus using British troops for his campaigns.

Geoffrey claims to have translated “a very ancient book in the British tongue” into Latin. Library of Congress authority ID. Arthur defeats Lucius in Gaul, intending to become Emperor, but in his absence, his nephew Mordred seduces and marries Guinevere and seizes the throne.

Modern historians have regarded the Historia as a work of fiction with some factual fe contained within.

Geoffrey starts the book with a statement of his purpose in writing dee history: Numerous brief accounts of successive kings follow. The Age of Arthur: He eventually defeats the other kings and establishes his rule over the whole island. Two hundred and fifteen medieval manuscripts of the Historia survive, dozens of them copied before the end of the 12th century. Cadwallader is forced to flee Britain and requests the aid of King Alan of the Amoricans.

But while celebrating this victory with Dde, he falls in love with the duke’s wife, Igerna.

Frases de Godofredo de Monmouth

Gruffudd ap Arthur, Sieffre o Fynwy ; c. The variant title Historia regum Britaniae was introduced in the Middle Ages, and this became the most common form in the modern period. Monmoutn of National Biography — He says that he has had the advantage of using a book in the Breton tongue which Walter, Archdeacon of Oxford, brought out of Brittany; this book he translates into Latin.

When the king dies, a comet taking the form of a dragon’s head pendragon appears in the night sky, which Merlin interprets as a sign that Ambrosius is dead and that Uther will be victorious and gdofredo him.

Robert, earl of Gloucester monmiuth Waleran, count of Meulan. To reach that happy shore todofredo sails employ; There fate decrees to raise a second Troy, And found an empire in thy royal line, Which time shall ne’er destroy, nor bounds confine. Geoffrey was born between about and[3] [4] [5] [6] in Wales or the Welsh Marches. Then Cassivellaunus quarrels with one of his dukes, Androgeus, who sends a letter to Caesar asking him to help avenge the duke’s honour.


In doing so, Geoffrey exercised considerable editorial control, massaging the information and smoothing out apparent inconsistencies in order to create a single grand narrative. He has no sons, so upon reaching old age he decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. John Morris in The Age of Arthur calls it a “deliberate spoof”, although this is based on misidentifying Walter, archdeacon of Oxford, as Walter Mapa satirical writer who lived a century later.

He also cites Gildas and Bede as sources. All the charters signed by Geoffrey are also signed by Walter, Archdeacon of Oxforda canon at that church. Godofred sails a fleet to Britain, but he is overwhelmed by Cassivellaunus’s army and forced to retreat to Gaul.

Wikisource 4 entries edit. Arthur returns and kills Mordred at the Battle of Camlannbut, mortally wounded, he is carried off to the isle of Avalonand hands the kingdom to his cousin Constantineson of Cador and Duke of Cornwall. Wikiversity 0 entries edit. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. The third work attributed to Geoffrey is the hexameter poem Vita Merlini “Life of Merlin”based more closely on traditional material about Merlin than the other works.

After Leir has had all his attendants taken from him, he begins to regret his actions towards Cordelia and godforedo to Gaul. Thus was the valour of the men an encouragement for the women’s chastity, and the love of the women a spur to the soldier’s bravery. He is said to have “established the so-called Molmutine Laws which are still famous today among the English”.