1 star because I can’t give it 0. Germar Rudolf: bigot, racist and holocaust denier. German Holocaust Denier Imprisoned for Inciting Racial Hatred: A German. Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and ‘Memory’. At the start of his trial in November, Germar Rudolf had called the Holocaust ‘a. Germar Rudolf, also known as Germar Scheerer, born 29 October , is a German chemist Rudolf knew his work would be associated with Holocaust denial, but insisted that even Remer had a right to legal defense. ), ISBN ; Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of Truth and Memory.

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For Spain it’s the Civil War. Nordgau Prag zu StuttgartCatholic fraternities belonging to the Cartellverband. Rydolf the air photos discussed by J. Responsibility and leadership has to be taken inside Holocaust revisionism in order to determine, how unavoidable revisions of our views of history affect the self-understanding of our societies.

However, Goldhagen’s work is merely the logical, radical conclusion of this general tendency to selectively interpret source materials.

In order to build the Memorial at the correct location, rudokf tried to find where the mass graves are. Michael marked it as to-read Jul 30, The Chemistry of Auschwitz Vol.

In contribution based on new findings from recent studies in Polish archives, Mattogno presents his research results about the alleged gas chambers of the concentration camp Majdanek. The extensive field of research related to the many concentration camps established after the war in eastern and southeastern Europe for purposes of the indiscriminate internment of mostly German victims, many of whom were to die an agonizing death there, was also introduced to a broader international public by a non-German, namely John Sack.

While one’s reply to the question ‘are you anti-Communist? This was the precise fate of Germany following World War II, with the result that Germans were first brutalized, then slandered and denied opportunity to defend themselves.


Every presidential address, every minute of silence, every history textbook would be a lie.

Germar Rudolf – Wikipedia

Only the facts that Herr Weise had many courageous friends who helped him every minute of their spare time and that his trial continued into a time where new evidence has come to light through the opening of many Eastern Bloc archives as well as through the advanced researches of rissecting, among which Revisionists number not a few – only these facts render this case different from the others.

In other words, the situation hinges on the proof.

This claim persisted until V. Broszat pointed out in that, aside from verbal threats on Hitler’s part, there is no evidence in political events until mid for any National Socialist plans for extermination.

Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of ‘truth’ and ‘memory’

One indication of this may be the systematic disregard of facts, sources, opinions and conclusions which cast the author’s views into doubt. The leftist Germarr weekly paper Die Zeit also explained why the disputers of the Holocaust must be silenced by the justice system and Defense Forces of the Constitution:. Research into these archives has only been begun so far by such supporters of the extermination theory as G.

Further, it is both irresponsible and ridiculous to make the weal and woe of a nation dependent on a ‘detail of history’. However, nobody took much notice of a similar case where the British Government published excerpts from exactly these documents as early as The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz Vol.

Germar Rudolf

The possible political impacts of the findings of Holocaust revisionism become apparent if one considers what in our world is being dominated by the Holocaust taboo.

Ciara marked it as to-read May 20, Or, to put it more clearly: Holocaudt none of the many Holocaust rudlof springing up like mushrooms, especially in the United States, is interested in a solid history of this camp, based on documentary evidence.


Like Nolte, [92] however, I cannot help yolocaust remark in amazement that people today are morally outraged by the killing ofgenerally severely disabled persons for perhaps dubious reasons of ‘genetic public welfare’ during the 12 years of National Socialist dictatorship, whereas those same people are not shocked in the slightest by the willful murder of unborn, but healthy persons numbering some four million in the last 12 years in Germany alone – murders in most cases motivated solely by materialistic and egoistical grmar.

The bottom line of these investigations is clear: The high points of Jewish participation in the fate of the German nation no doubt include the many Jewish front-line soldiers of World War I, some of whom were highly decorated for their valor.

Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of ‘truth’ and ‘memory’ by Germar Rudolf

But is it really conceivable for a number of people almost twice the population of Berlin to vanish from the face of the earth without leaving a trace? If terrorism against one’s convictions or opinions was the only problem we had to wrestle with today, we might almost consider ourselves lucky, since, after all, one might expect that the authorities would protect us from this if they want to be acknowledged as authorities of a legitimate ‘state under the rule of law’.

In rurolf decision, the German Federal Supreme Court confirmed again the ‘self-evidentness’ of the murders in the gas chambers. And so, isn’t any discussion of it superfluous? Though apparently supported by the German Federal Constitutional Court, [67] this ruling is quite obviously a violation of human rights, for this interpretation strikes at the heart of the fundamental right to freedom of research, i.