Building the GEK Gasifier in Seven Parts: This project is part of a series of ALL Power Labs showing how to create a Honda Accord that runs on wood gas. Plans for the Keith gasifier are available from Drive On Wood. Save yourself a lot of time and effort with Wayne Keith’s proven gasification system. GEK gasifier. I’ve been planning on putting a gasifier on our farm truck for some GEK The gasifier Experimental Kit is a gasifier company that started up.

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Plajs to metal only. CAD drawings, plumbing inventories, hearth dimensions, and associated support materials are provided in detail to enable your gasifier building and operation.

Free plans put out by FEMA. I quickly got a steady stream of smoke into lpans swirl burner which I had a lit propane torch for the pilot light. We ultimately found that a gasifier based power generation system—one that actually delivers on its value proposition—requires an integration of components and high level automation that a raw DIY kit cannot provide. Familiarize your self and use what is available locally. Hello Gasifjer Bock – as a fellow Lister type owner I think a simple steel rod from the engine to the reactor body would provide more than enough shake.

To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.

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Library / Free Gasifier Plans | Drive On Wood!

No images or files uploaded yet. As a mechanic I think if your jets were all turned 90 degrees away from center a 6″ mm tube could be inserted and the air nozzles turned into your holes.

A huge gasifier might power a heavy truck at speed, but not produce good gas at an idle. Palns wood gas in an IC engine. Heavy trailers are no problem at this speed. GEK Wiki log in help. No, we still cannot sell the raw gasifier without the automation.

There was a guy at Backer’s Creek in Mansfield Mo that drove there with a truck running on woodhe said it did 65 down the road just fine and it takes 2 lbs to go a mile I believe he said. Center for Carbon Removal. First GEK will be for Power to a ten kilowatt generator using a toyota 3k four cylinder engine. I kept waiting and waiting for the gas to ignite. Good Luck Steve Unruh” we’re now making them out of 16awg stainless, not 4mm. Here’s a tiny ad for the road: Pages Images and files.

Stainless 6″ mm wood stove pipe is common here.

GEK Gasifier Kits

If you want step-by-step plans you’ll need to buy his book, available at www. GEK Wiki log in help.

InAll Power Labs reached an installed base of machines in approximately 40 countries. By my count you have now spread more gasifiers across the planet into more hands than any other single effort in the last 50 years. Please indicate your fek with the GEK, eg research, mobile use, stationary use and the fuel type you intend to use. If you are going in this direction, see the GEK license for more info.

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We will all of course have to modify configurations later to optimize for our own site specific fuels. No images or files uploaded yet.

All Power Labs

Found a couple mistakes in the version 3 cad drawings. I had the charcoal fired up and a real good center glow. When waste biomass is used as the feedstock and the biochar byproduct is sequestered, such as when used as a soil amendment, the operation results in Negative carbon dioxide emission.

The above mentioned designs can be adapted to a smaller setup. Cruising the freeways is a part of the American Dream, but it’s much more affordable when you’re burning scrap lumber instead plaans gasoline!

I am friends on Facebook with the owner of Vulcan Gasifier.

GEK Wiki / How to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier

A principal segment of their market is directed at addressing energy poverty in the developing world. Show 0 new item s. The holes for the nozzles would have to be spaced every 4. This may not work out well.