The GANGBUSTERS game is a role-playing game, an advanced form of “make believe.” In a typical game, two to eight players will be seated around a large. When TSR broke up, the rights to Gangbusters remained with Rick Krebs. So as always when playing a RPG everything is up to the players. Guest Writer: Jeffrey Webb. It was and the Golden Age of the Boxed Set. If you were there, it’s just how an RPG should arrive—lest it be.

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Pin It on Pinterest. On one hand, this keeps that sort of bookkeeping easy. Women, previously forbidden to drink in public by social convention, were able to drink, smoke, dance, and act in ways shocking to their elders.

Gangbusters (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Between andTSR published five adventure modules for Gangbusters. Wait while more posts are being loaded. It is advisable to set up character requirements before play begins and limit the PCs to all one side of the law or the other, give or take PIs and reporters. This page was last edited on 2 Novemberat Instead of simply rolling dice and moving pieces around a board, players adopt the personalities and goals of clever police detectives, legendary F.

React to a terrorist attack on an airport. All PCs start the game with one of the first 9 skills, which cost only 5, XP to acquire. All that remains is to purchase equipment, which immediately follows the skills. Other discussions related to the setting and time-period and comparisons and contrasts with other similar game systems are welcome!


I’m planning a few Pulp era sets. I supported because… “I use this site a lot and am heavily motivated by guilt. Now a supper club owned by Enrico Mancussi, it once again surfaces as the scene of foul play, the scene of death. InTSR, Inc. This is the world of the flappers, bathtub gin, and the Charleston. Okumarts Games David Okum. Compatible with Champions and all Hero Systems games.

This is the age of gangsters, Prohibition, and the Model T. Shanty towns Warehouses Garages. Historical role-playing games TSR company games Role-playing games introduced gagnbusters Death on the Docks.

Gangbusters (1st & 3rd Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

A basic description of the city is included in the Gangbusters rules, and expanded upon in the five adventures published for the game. Incongruously, Presence is rolled on a single d10 and modified, indicating that Presence will be used differently from other Abilities.

A long dive carries you crashing through the glass a heartbeat before the hoods below open fire. Finally, Hit Points and Driving score are calculated and a Punching score is created by referencing Muscle on a table.

Films were an especially strong influence; the game’s bibliography lists dozens of movies for inspiration, ranging from The Big House to The Untouchables. One-way only, from the precinct to the car. They gave him their presidency. An emphasis is placed on the violent growth of organized crime during Prohibition. This is a map I created for Gangbusters, but can be used r;g any type of Gangster game. This is where the two versions of Gangbusters vary greatly. Learn More I supported because… “I use this site a lot and am heavily tpg by guilt.


Gangbusters: Core Rules

ganbusters Experience points are awarded by the gamemastercalled the Judge in Gangbusters based on a character’s success in his career.

Characters are improved by earning experience points. Gangbusters was inspired by both historical figures such as Al Capone and fictional accounts of the era.

Boxed sets in pristine condition will include a pair of sided dice. Would like to have details to use for roads and such and different neighborhoods and counties.

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. It was and the Golden Age of the Boxed Set.

Thanks for posting this, dude. Use a call box. But now the Senate Subcommittee is in town and prg showdown is in the works Rick Krebs’ “Bloody 20’s” Blog. The fascinating thing about the way the game handles the central conflict of law versus scofflaw is to allow players to take either side in the issue, or ride the middle.