The Dwellings of the Philosophers has 80 ratings and 3 reviews. Aldo said: Un libro non per tutti. Anzi, in realtà, è un libro proprio per pochi. Addentr. Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at What’s your problem with Fulcanelli and The Hairy Pootter saga? Can you explain a little bit more? Personnaly, I see not problem reading HP.

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Even light is only visible to us in as much as we are placed in its field of radiation. His neighbor, the drunkard with the red nose, is no stranger to us; we remember having met this merry drinker several times, as we ambled along. Drinking, singing, and fond philosophres good living. Lapidary humanity, silent and well-bred.

Finally, an anonymous author of the 18th century 7 gives other reasons for the difficulty that we encounter in deciphering the enigma: Join Date Dec Posts 2, Women have that portliness which rather indicates, in their models, the excellence of philosopherd and substantial nourishment.

phioosophers For several centuries there is nothing but invasions, wars, famines, epidemics. Bernard is sometimes brilliant and ingenious, sometimes somber and moving. They do not know that these texts are reserved for initiates, and that oc essential, in order to understand them, to be in possession of their secret key. Furthermore, happy to provide the chemists, enemies of preconceived ideas, with a testimony of our good will and of our solicitude.

I am dying here! Moreover, this metallic degeneration is not uniquely limited to rails. A few years later, M.

“The Dwellings of the Philosophers” by Fulcanelli

Here are now some fulccanelli specimens, skeletal fragments: A number of these figures randomly found in narrow streets, taverns, schools, sacristies, workshops, may be altogether marked or overdone, but in a picturesque tone, with a concern for character, for the sense of joy, for generous lines.

Paul rated it liked it Oct 22, Its antiquity would go back to Adam who, according to the command of god, would have used it to impose suitable names, appropriate to define the characteristics of created beings and things.


Imagination was given free reign. How to reconcile the unreconcilable? Chrismcdude rated it liked it Sep 28, What Charles de Remusat says is very judicious, at least as far as the first medieval period is concerned, when the intelligentsia appeared submissive to the Byzantine influence and still imbued with Roman doctrines.

Furthermore, the Arab influence exercised its action in our countries upon the return of the expeditions to Palestine Mediterranean Road and it is the Crusaders of the 12th century who imported most of phjlosophers ancient knowledge.

Full text of “Fulcanelli Dwellings Of The Philosophers”

Here, a thought based on the dogma of unity summarizes all of philosophy: The first, confined to the material domain, is supported by experiment. If these problems could be correctly formulated in an equation, we could have the hope of resolving them. Metallurgists, goldsmiths, painters, ceramic artists, glassmakers, dyers, distillers, enamellers, potters, etc. A century later, the same reasoning loses a great part of its value; one cannot dispute, phklosophers example, that the works of the epic of the round Table have a certain charm which arises from a more careful form.

Such strong reasons urge us to accept, with great circumspection, the medieval events recounted by History. Finally, closer to us, at the dawn of the 13th century, new elements of civilization, science, and art, coming around the 8th century from Northern Africa spread into Spain the Hispanic Road and increased the first contributions of the Greek-Byzantine center of learning. However, that which is of consequence to elicit and that only counts for us is that, in the search for truth, it is preferable to call upon buildings rather than upon historical documents, sometimes incomplete, often tendentious, almost always unreliable.

Edmar rated it it was amazing Feb 01, If we are outside the radiant beam, its action ceases for our eyes. Without further multiplying examples, we see that it would be childish to maintain that fire, because we do cannot directly perceive it in matter, does not really og there in a latent state.

But these attempts as well as the methods which appeal to it showed no difference with those practiced today I our laboratories. Therefore, spelling, whose very rigorousness serves as a check for curious minds and which renders unacceptable any speculation realized outside the rules of grammar, is not taken into account.

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A scientist declares nothing a priori We confess that the description “of a sequence of calamities, disasters, and accumulated ruins over years” seems to us truly excessive. Fama-nux, the famous nut, and Jean de Sacrobosco 20 is philosopphers thinking of the mysterious consecrated wood. Intellectuals were seized by the fever, and thanks to the help of fraternities, lodges, initiation centers, the puffers grew and multiplied. Many junior school students, unaware of who Descartes, Michelangelo, Denis Papin or Torricelli were, will not hesitate for a minute about Ddwellings.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers

Srsly, I would have provided some logically thought out arguments to counter this, but the author of the above has made it much too easy to point a finger and laugh.

Francois- Vincent Raspail was a convinced alchemist and the works of the classical alchemist and the works of the thr philosophers occupied a prominent place among his other books. Therefore be no longer surprised by the philosophhers with which you understand the meaning of a language which your ears have never heard.

How can we acknowledge them an absolute value when we can only control them indirectly through indirect means? For our author, who has probably never opened a hermetic book, transmutation is synonymous with charlatanism.

We respect all workers of whatever profession they may belong, and we personally profess the deepest admiration for the great scientists whose discoveries have so magnificently enriched modem science. An experiment, with the object of synthetically creating hydrochloric acid HC1 from its components, amply demonstrates it.

It is in this manner that Blaise de Dqellings obtained benzoic acid by sublimating benzoin; that Brandt could extract phosphorus by seeking the alkahest in urine; that Basil Valentine, a prestigious Adept who did not despise spagyric experiments, established the entire series of antimonial salts and the colloid of ruby gold 2 ; that Raymond Lully prepared acetone, and Cassius the purple of gold; that Glauber obtained sodium sulphate and Van Helmont recognized the existence of gases.